Vichy’s Micellar Wipes are Perfect for Sensitive Skin

vichy Micellar wipes vichy makeup removing wipes and simplistic begin cleanser

As you know, I am a big fan of any form of cleansing or makeup removing wipes. Just as I admit my love of these skincare staples, one of my favourite brands comes out with their own micellar wipes! That’s right, Vichy has now introduced their own micellar wipes. Officially named the Pureté Thermale Micellar Cleansing Wipes, these are a powerful yet gentle way to cleanse your skin. As part of the Pureté Thermale range, these gentle wipes are the easy solution for cleansing, but still remain effective.

Effective Micellar Wipes for Sensitive Skin

These micellar cleansing wipes make sure to remove impurities and makeup, while still being gentle. The formula is full of vitamin E to soothe and refresh drier skin. You want to avoid using wipes that will strip our skin of all moisture. I love when a wipe can cleanse my face and still make it feel quite hydrated after using. The wipes are hypoallergenic-tested and can be used on sensitive skin, which is extremely important to me. I have used a few very popular cleansing wipes in the past that were just not designed for sensitive skin and did not exactly do much good for my skin in the end. Free of all the stuff you want to avoid, aka no parabens, alcohol, or fragrance.

My Normal Cleansing Routine

I am still working on improving and perfecting my cleansing skin care routine. In the meantime, I thought I would share the products I am currently using at the moment. This would defeat the purpose of this blog post if I wasn’t actually using the Vichy micellar wipes. I go in every day with one of these cleansing wipes to remove all the makeup and oil from my face. Some days, this is where the cleansing ends. On other days, which I hope to make more frequent, I do in for a double cleanse with my Simplistic BEGIN Cleanser. This is a Korean skincare product. I saw the packaging and ordered it online right away. Following the theme of this blog post, this is a very gentle and low pH cleanser. It is a combination of Japanese Cypress water, honey, and olive oil. Simple and effective!

The micellar wipes and this cleanser are both super gentle and do not strip my face completely dry, but do effectively remove any dirt or makeup from my skin. Have you tried Vichy’s new cleansing wipes yet? I even find the closure seal on the packaging to be effective and on the higher quality end of the spectrum compared to other brands. I highly recommend giving them a try!