Inspiration for Styling a Grey Outfit

grey outfit lace dress grey lace dress powder blue overcoat

Whoever told me to stop wearing so much black, here you go! I’ve moved on to grey for a little while. I know that a lot of people shy away from wearing grey clothing due to the fact that it isn’t “colourful” and can be called lacklustre. While it can be a dull colour to style, sometimes a grey outfit can really shine. A lot of these rules can be applied to styling black outfits, but grey can give you a slightly bigger variety of shades to use.

How to Style a Grey Outfit

Use Different Materials and Shades

If you mix and match different textures of clothing, it will take away the dullness of the outfit. Mixing lace with wool, or really any other material will give variety to your outfit. Similarly, you can use different shades of grey to give your outfit more dimension if that’s what you think will bring your grey outfit to the next level. The grey scale is so large that there is a big difference between light and dark greys. Different undertones to the grey will also give a different look to your outfit as well. I tend to stick to the cooler undertones when it comes to grey. If you prefer that your grey clothing items are more of a similar grey than you do you and pair similar greys!

Grey Accessories

If you can tie in the grey with some sort of accessory, go for it! This Petite Faux Suede Clutch from Matt & Nat was a perfect shade that almost matched the dress perfectly. At first, I thought it was going to be too “matchy-matchy” but it actually turned out amazingly well.

Statement Pieces

When it comes to making something spectacular out of a dull colour, you go for the statement piece. Now, I’m not reiterating that “wear a statement necklace” statement we have all heard over the years. In a form of a statement piece, I am talking about the investment in a really high-quality article of clothing. The dress I’m wearing in these photos is the J.O.A. Grey Choker Lace Dress and it can be found here. If you wish this dress had a higher neckline, no choker detail, and possible longer sleeves… click here for the J.O.A. Grey Flare Sleeve Lace Dress. Both of these dresses are amazing examples of statement pieces that are sure to get compliments. Both are currently on sale too!

Want to go a step beyond? Pair this jacket with a semi-bold colour. For example, I’m wearing this powder blue jacket for a pop of colour. Would you prefer this jacket in a camel colour instead? You can see that version of the jacket in action in this outfit post I posted not too long ago.

I amped up the look with a bold darker red lip! I used one of the newer Studded Kiss lipsticks from Kat Von D in the shade Misfit. I really think it added a whole new element to the look as a whole. I got this lipstick complimentary of Influenster.

How do you usually wear grey clothing items? Do you tend to pair it with a completely different colour? Do you add pops of colour or stick to a fairly greyscale colour scheme? Let me know in the comments below!