Origins Mega-Mushroom Collection is Perfect for Sensitive Skin

The Mega-Mushroom Collection is the latest from Dr. Andrew Weil and Origins. This product range contains a blend of soothing mushrooms to help calm skin and help protect resilience. The active ingredient in this product range is reishi. The mushroom blend also contains Cordyceps as well, both mushrooms giving amazing skin-boosting properties. These products are targeted towards people with dry, oily, and/or normal skin. Some products may sway more in one direction, but they really worked to get a sensitive skin-safe range.

Products mentioned:

origins mega-mushroom cleanser

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Cleansing Options

When it comes to cleansing, Dr. Weil and Origins have you covered. In the Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief range, they give you two different options. They have the Micellar Cleanser or the Face Cleanser. Both are amazing options for different reasons. For the face cleanser, this is the more traditional route. It is a very gentle lotion with a milky consistency. This cleanser is created with Cordyceps and Reishi Mushrooms, which is why it’s part of the Mega-Mushroom range. It also contains ginger, turmeric, holy basil, and licorice extract. This calming cleanser helps to protect the balance of your skin while removing makeup, dirt, and other impurities.

If you’re more of a fan of micellar waters lately, the range definitely has one of those. This no-rinse alcohol-free cleanser is also a gentle product, as this range really works to suit sensitive skin. It contains the Mega-Mushroom blend, plus Berry Ferment to help protect your skin against any environmental irritants. I am the type of person who would most likely use this micellar cleanser as my cleansing method, but using both as a double cleanse is still a viable option. They are both gentle enough that you can use both.

origins mega-mushroom skin relief review

Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Hydration Products

Between cleansing and hydrating, this Soothing Treatment Lotion comes in handy. This is an extra-light lotion that helps soothe, comfort, and hydrate your skin. I highly recommend pre-hydrating your skin before moisturizer. I can tend to have oily skin and this does not make me more oily. It helps make your skin feel healthier and more supple, which is always a good thing.

Every range involves some sort of face cream, and this is no exception. This Soothing Face Cream is created to provide lots of hydration for your skin while calming any sort of redness lingering around. It contains the signature mushroom blend and is targeted for sensitive skin and skin that normally reacts to creams. This one is very gentle and should not cause any sort of irritation. Using it myself I found it to be very hydrating and soothing, which fits perfectly with the name. This face cream has thicker consistency for sure, but definitely a great one for sensitive skin.

As someone with sensitive skin that shows redness in an instant, this collection is a big winner in my books! Have you tried anything from the Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief range? You should definitely give it a look, you won’t regret it.