Taking Part in the Michaels Challenge

A challenge that goes by many different names is sweeping the world. It has been called the Hobby Lobby Challenge, the Michaels Challenge, the Ugly Location Challenge, and probably more! I normally don’t take part in challenges, but this one was visually pleasing to my eyes. Hopped in a car with two awesome women and headed on over to Michaels craft store to try our luck at some photos. We played around with different techniques of capturing photos. Being in the fake flower strings, standing in front of them, using elements in front of us. We finally got on a track that we liked and kept taking turns with different colour combinations.

Michaels Challenge Success

Bouncing around between a few different sections in Michaels, we were able to use the fake floral section, along with some fake greenery as props in our photos. The staff did not find us annoying, they actually quite enjoyed watching us use our creativity. As long as we didn’t leave a mess it was all good! Take a look at a few of the photos that I ended up liking from the different setups.

hobby lobby challenge hobby lobby challenge michaels challenge

Moving the Challenge to a New Location

We headed over to Canadian Tire in hopes of some great backdrops for some photos, but it didn’t have what we were looking for. Instead, we found the paint aisle and ended up with some great photos with the paint chip selections as the background.

ugly location challenge

There is Video Proof!

For your viewing pleasure, Jenelle (Nelle Creations) has put up a YouTube video of our adventure. Feel free to check it out below to see how we achieved some of the photos. Check out Dee (Liner Glitter Gloss) as well because she’s also amazing.

Have you given this challenge a try yet? It’s quite a bit of fun and there is so much inspiration online for it already. I love seeing the creativity come out of this craze.