Going Glossy for Spring with LARITZY Cosmetics

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I love supporting Canadian-based beauty brands. It was a no-brainer when LARITZY Cosmetics reached out to me that I had to give them a try. They are based in Montreal and put all of the thought into their products. They are making sure that their products are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and free of unnecessary ingredients. That is something we can all get on board with. The offer products for lips and eyes, and likely much more to come! They read about my preference for lip balms, so they sent over their glosses as an alternative to give my lips the moisture they need.

LARITZY Goes for the Gloss

When you create a range of lip glosses, you need to think of what people are going to use glosses for the most. First, to add some shine to your lips. Two, to hydrate your lips instead of drying them out. Three, a variety of options to pick and choose between. Covering the first two points, the formula is very hydrating and comfortable to wear. There is no chance that these lip glosses will become drying in any way or form.

Although sitting at only four options at the moment, the lip gloss range already has quite the selection. They currently have a clear gloss (514) that reminds me a lot of the Glossier cult classic gloss. Always great for nostalgic gloss memories as a child. Next, they have two nude shades. Appropriately named Nudes is a brownish nude with pink undertones, and Knockout being more of a true pink nude. At the moment, they also have a limited edition holographic lip gloss named Aura. This holo gloss provides the perfect amount of shimmer to any lip look, worn alone or over another lip product. I am definitely drawn towards the nude shades, but also just as equally interested in the clear and holographic ones. I can’t say no to a good holographic beauty product, it is an issue.

I am going to keep switching up which gloss I wear throughout the Spring. After a dry winter for my skin and lips, they deserve all the moisture they can get.I can’t wait to to see what they add to their brand next! I am guessing there will be new shades available and maybe even new products altogether. You can check out more of their products and learn more about the brand on their website here.