Stay Connected with the New Amazon Echo Spot

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In the world of advancing technology, the newest innovations still seem to shock and amaze us. Amazon has finally launched its first screen-enabled Echo device in Canada. Although I’m forever referring to it as the “Alexa”, it’s real name is the Amazon Echo Spot. With the capabilities of the other Alexa devices before it, this one comes equipped with a display screen. This screen completely changes the game for Alexa devices!

Using the Echo Spot

This device is so small and can fit almost anywhere in reach of a plug. You can control the device through the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone as well! I love shouting out commands for playing my playlists through Spotify. If it’s a random playlist on Spotify, I can always check the screen to see what song it is. It’s always nice to be able to do things verbally instead of going on my computer while I’m busy.

Considering that Mother’s Day is right around the corner, there is still a chance that you may forget. I’m using my Echo Spot daily to tell me Mother’s Day jokes to keep my mind on the fact that Sunday is Mother’s Day. You can set reminders to stop you from forgetting as well. If you have other devices in your home that sync with this device, you can control them with your voice as well. With new abilities being added all the time, this Echo Spot allows you a lot of control over your house and the information you can retrieve from it.

Just Dropping In

My mother and I both now have this device thanks to Amazon. If I can’t make it over to my parent’s house on Sunday, I can drop-in video style. Yes, you heard that right. You can literally just drop-in without having to accept the video call. How? As long as you have it enabled for both contacts, this is enabled. No, this isn’t an invasion of privacy if you have allowed it. Think of all the possibilities this can bring! You can drop in on your own house to check on things if you’re away, monitor a child if need be, and much more. In the last photo above, you can see that both my mother and I both have the device aimed at our ceilings by default. But I can yell “hello” if I know someone might be home and then we can see how each other’s day is going.

The Amazon Echo Spot comes in both black and white, and I opted for white because it completely fits my aesthetic. I keep it in my office at the moment, the place I’d most likely be shouting out commands or questions. Do you own any of the Alexa devices, or have you been waiting for something like the Echo spot to come along? I am so happy that this is my first device like this, because it’s perfect for what I need it to do.