Shake It Up with Joico’s Texturizing Finishing Sprays

Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finishing Spray Joico Shake Series: Body Shake Beach Shake

Do you have fine and/or flat hair? raises hand Don’t worry, me too. Joico is coming to our rescue with their new texturizing finishing sprays. When it comes to styling your hair, these sprays can easily take your hair from 0 to 100. Let’s break down the main key players in Joico’s Shake Series. Texturizing sprays are some of my favourite hair products, aside from dry shampoo, and these Joico sprays are living up to the hype!

Body Shake: for plush volume

My favourite of the two, the Body Shake texturizing finishing spray is made for fine to medium hair. This spray helps give body and volume to hair that needs it. It also provides a light hold to keep your hair in place. It is all about building the thickness of your hair when you are lacking it. This spray does not leave any sticky or stiff feeling to your hair as it is still very manageable. Anything that can help make my hair look thicker always has a place on my shelf.

Beach Shake: for beach-inspired hair

For those with slightly thicker hair, the Beach Shake texturizing finishing spray helps you get those beachy waves that will have everyone thinking #hairgoals. Just because it’s for medium to thicker hair types, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work on finer hair. I can use this and still get great results, especially if I use a bit of both Shake products. This spray is mainly working on separation for your hair, which is the key factor in getting those dreamy tousled waves. This is a great alternative to drying salt sprays that may not always have the best ingredients. Speaking of ingredients, this spray consists of great ingredients, including coconut and sunflower seed oils. Think mermaid hair, not castaway hairstyles.

If you have seen me in person, or even maybe even some photos, you might know my normal hairstyles. A lot of the time it is just up in a scrunchie topknot or ponytail. When I put the effort in, or even rock my “bedhead-chic” hair, a little bit of volume and texture goes a long way. The gentle hold helps keep the hairstyle throughout the day as well. I love Joico as a hair brand and am thrilled about these newer releases. I definitely recommend giving them a try!