THEIT Bags: Styling With Camera Bags

There are camera bags… and then there is THE camera bag! It “it bag” if you well. Back in April, I was given the wonderful opportunity to shoot some photos in a joint collaboration with THEIT Bags and Kitsu. These camera bags are designed to be practical and to look like a designer bag. Not just look, but it is a genuine leather luxurious bag to carry your camera equipment.

Luxurious Camera IT Bag

The Designer THEIT Camera Bags

I am styling with The Colt bag in black. These bags are lightweight and compact, perfect for taking with you everywhere. There are a lot of camera bags that look like camera bags, but this one has the feel of a designer bag that just happens to fit a camera. You can compartmentalize sections of the bag for different camera parts or lenses. It has interchangeable straps, from a gold chain to a full leather strap, for whichever you prefer to use. What’s even better is that it can also double as a bag for other types of things such as makeup. It is a very sturdy bag and remains stylish with every outfit you could imagine.

Camera and Makeup Bag

Styling with a Camera Bag

When it comes to styling with this bag, the possibilities are pretty much endless. The black bag with gold hardware fits in with every outfit, from comfort to classy. As you can see in the photos above, I wear the bag with different styles, textures, and colours. Let’s break down the outfits a little bit closer…

Street Fashion Outfit:

Free People Best of Me Top, Vero Moda Faux Leather Moto Jacket, Fidelity Denim Belvedere Ginza Black Denim

Dressed up Outfit:

Ichi Nero Dress, Vero Moda Cool Trench Coat (not seen in photo)

Casual Dress Up Outfit:

Ichi Nero Dress, Noisy May Angie Distressed Denim Jacket

The IT Bags Luxurious Camera Bags

Yes, it’s true, I immediately bought that dress because I didn’t want to take it off. Expect to see that dress in more photos eventually! I can’t wait to style my very own Colt camera bag but in a deep navy shade. I love a classic black, but there is something about a deep navy that I love so much. Interested in possibly getting a bag for yourself? How about a giveaway? Check out my Instagram for the latest giveaway with THEIT bags!