How to Achieve Hair with Volume and Body

In my mind, there are three categories of products when it comes to the topic of shampoos and conditioners. You have the products for hydrated and smooth hair, those for colour correction purposes, and then the products that promise volume, body, and thickness. I personally rotate between the three categories depending on what my hair needs more of on that particular hair wash day. With the colour of my hair, I heavily rely on purple-based toning products to try to keep the brassy yellow tones away. I have found a good bunch of products for that purpose, but sometimes I go a step further and mix in a product from another category.

The Design.ME Volumizing Hair Care Routine

Here is where today’s blog topic enters! Design.ME has recently introduced their new Puff.ME Volumizing Shampoo and matching Puff.ME Volumizing Conditioner. Right off the bat, super cute packaging! Not every brand has the greatest packaging when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. I can appreciate the colour difference between the two products because I don’t like reading in the shower. It’s very easy to dispense the product too. You may think that’s a no-brainer, but I have had some similar products that got clogged very easily between each use.

Design.ME Hair Puff.ME Volumizing Shampoo

Puff Up the Volume

These products boast instant volume without being weighed down. Products from my categories don’t usually cross over much, but the formula of these products still finds a way to be quite hydrating at the same time as volumizing. Both shampoo and conditioner have built-in heat protection and many over-styling benefits that the brand already does so well. At this point, you’re probably wondering how well it does on the volumizing spectrum. It does very well. Imagine running your hands through your hair and somehow believing that your hair got thicker all of a sudden. I’ve had this happen several times while using this duo together.

The shampoo cleanses without stripping or causing irritation and the conditioner provides the perfect amount of nourishment without weighing down your hair. These products are great for use on all hair types and are safe for colour-treated hair. I tend to mix the products 50/50 with my toning products to amp up the icy look to my hair. I could leave my hair as is, but I find myself reaching for the staple Puff.ME Volumizing Powder for extra volume wherever I want a bit more during the styling stage.

I am always intrigued when a volumizing range comes out, but this shampoo and conditioner are not joking around. To be honest, I never expect to have extreme fullness from these types of products. With that said, these products I can definitely see and feel more volume in my hair as I work and style it. The brand knows what people want in a product and have delivered!

Design.ME Hair Puff.ME Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner