At the ChickAdvisor Showcase 2018

Right at the end of September, a great beauty-themed event took place in Toronto. The ChickAdvisor Showcase is an event where a community of beauty lovers gather to review products together to help build a plethora of reviews online.

ChickAdvisor Showcase 2018

It’s a Community Effort

Do you want to know more about ChickAdvisor? Let’s cover the basics. ChickAdvisor is a great online resource for reviews and advice on topics covering beauty, food, household products, and more. Anyone can create an account and join in! You can start adding your own reviews to help create an even more in-depth source for someone that wants to do their research about something before trying it.

There are hundreds of thousands of reviewers on the website already, so you can imagine the range or reviews being posted for the best and worst products. The ChickAdvisor Showcase event was a live review session party of sorts. That is the simplest way I can describe it. The photo above of us all on our phones was not because I was just sitting at a table with a handful of my beautiful blogging friends, but because we all had to be reviewing the events along with everyone else.

ChickAdvisor Showcase 2018 reviews

ChickAdvisor and Me

My history with ChickAdvisor goes back to 2012 when I started in the world of interning in Toronto. It was one of the first atmospheres where I got to experience product reviewing. I guess you could say that it woke up a little idea in my brain. It may have taken a few years before I did something about it, but here I am. If you do some deep searching on their website, you can find a few of the blog posts I helped write while there. I met the first Canadian Bachelor and was feeling all sorts of #blessed that I was given this opportunity. It was great to see co-founder Ali de Bold again after all these years and get a quick photo with her before the event started. The colour coordination was not planned at all.

ChickAdvisor Showcase 2018 Ali de Bold

ChickAdvisor Showcase Products

We covered a lot of ground, to say the least. We sampled beverages including flavoured Canada Dry club soda and teapigs teas. Then we jumped over the beauty categories like Nude by Nature beauty products and luxurious Bobbi Brown lip products. Although ChickAdvisor’s website ranges across so many different categories, this event was mostly focused on the beauty category. There was a good range of products from skin care to finishing touches with lipsticks. Not everything is supposed to knock it out of the park, but it’s a bonus if everything ends up being amazing. I am generally really happy with everything from the event! There are a few stand out favourites in my personal opinion.


The Goods

Here is a list of the products that were the stars of the event and on the reviewing block:

  • Canada Dry Club Soda: Orange-Mandarin, Pomegranate-Cherry, and Lemon-Lime
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost Multivitamin Booster
  • Nude by Nature: Touch of Glow Highlight Stick, Natural Glow Loose Bronzer, and Flawless Brush
  • teapigs tea: english breakfast, peppermint leaves, and lemon & ginger
  • eos Organic Smooth Stick Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet
  • Bio-Oil
  • Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip High Shine

First up, the eos Organic Smooth Stick Lip Balm. I have always been a fan of the classic eos lip balms, but having them finally in stick form is definitely better. These are ultra-hydrating without being too heavy on your lips. The strawberry scent in a nice touch, but I would love to see what other scents/flavours are available. teapigs teas are always a winner in my books. I’ve tried the lemon and ginger flavour before but was really happy with tasting the english breakfast flavour at the event. Very happy that all three flavours were in the bag that we all got to take home! I will be experimenting more in-depth with some of the other products to form a more full-rounded opinion but was very happy with initial applications.

ChickAdvisor Showcase 2018 photobooth

The Wrap Up

Is it worth it to attend the ChickAdvsior Showcase? Yes! It is amazing for everyone and anyone to join in. I think it is even more beneficial to anyone starting out in the blogging world. You really get the hang of reviewing in a short period of time. Plus, you get a giant handful of products to continue to create content for in the future. There is a price on the ticket for the event, but the value of the products you get out of it gives you more than you pay. You can go with your friends or meet some new ones at the event. They even had a photo booth setup for more fun photos too. Keep an eye out on the website to see when the will do one again. Have fun reviewing in the meantime!