What to Expect at Hockley Valley Resort & Spa

One area of interest that I haven’t shared much on the blog is exploring new places. I did a couple of New York City blog posts a while back. Hopefully, I am able to bring you more travel-based content. I am so grateful to be able to experience staying in a new place once in a blue moon. Very excited to add another place to my list now. A group of us stayed at Hockley Valley Resort for a night and I’m ready to tell you all about it!

On a Friday afternoon, we all travelled just an hour outside of the GTA. A little bit further from our homes in Hamilton to Hockley Valley Resort set inside the (at the time) snowy hills north of Brampton in Mono, Ontario. This year-round resort features over 100 luxury rooms and suites, over a dozen meeting rooms, a large spa, 16 ski and snowboard runs for the winter, and an 18-hole golf course for the less snowy times of the year.

After we checked in, we freshened up and did a quick exploration inside the resort. Then we headed straight out to explore the resort in whatever daylight we had left. The ski hills and lift were closed for a short period of time, which happens for a resting or turnover period daily. We took advantage of the downtime and took some winter-themed shots at the base of the hills. We moved on to other premises of the resort and went for a short hike to see what else was around the area.

To Adamo Estate Winery for Dinner

Our dinner reservations were at the winery down the street, Adamo Estate Winery. We wanted to see what it looked like in the day time while we still had a bit daylight left. The resort provides a shuttle to and from the winery as they are both owned by Nancy and Mario Adamo. Both the resort and winery have green initiatives in order to provide quality food and reducing their carbon footprint. Arriving at the winery during the sunset was perfect and we took a glass of wine, or a fruity non-alcoholic beverage, out to the patio. We definitely needed to soak in the picturesque surroundings before heading back in. We were in for a treat with an amazing dinner ahead at the winery’s Paddock Café.

The food at Adamo Estate Winery is served tapas style and without a doubt extraordinary. I do love when there are shareable plates as my appetite is usually small and don’t get to each much. This way, I at least got to try a few bits of different types of foods that were prepared. Everything the kitchen prepares features locally sourced and house-made farm-to-table plates. Knowing where every ingredient has come from is something special. The servers and chefs prepared a little something extra special for my dairy-free restrictions and that never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. The live music playing during the dinner only added to the already perfectly cozy ambiance of the atmosphere. I fell ill and had to leave part-way through and had to head back to the resort before the others, but the staff was extremely nice and made the experience perfect.

To the Resort Spa in the Morning

In the morning, we all head down to the continental breakfast. We needed to fuel up for our day ahead and more importantly our visit to the spa. The breakfast selection definitely had something for everyone and we packed our plates the best we could.

We headed to the spa shortly after for our treatments. Some of us had massages and others had facials. I’ve only had a few facials in my life, but this one goes down as one of my all-time favourites. The facial was done by Sophia and she was extremely informative. She was able to instantly tell me the condition of my skin and how to move forward with treating it. I couldn’t remember the last time someone had actually given me information about my skin in such depth. The personalized facial was crafted to best suit my skin concerns and maximized for the best results. No extractions were performed, but I was given information on exactly how they should be performed when needed. This was an amazing hour! I would highly recommend getting a facial or spa treatment if you plan on staying at Hockley.

Thank You Hockley

I want to say a big thank you to Hockley Valley Resort for having us for the night and letting us experience your winter wonderland. A big thank you also to these amazing girls. We were able to create our content and then focus on the offline portion of a girls night away and enjoy each others’ wonderful company. We are all driven to create content, but also to enjoy what we have before it’s over. Finding the balance can sometimes be hard, but we managed to find the sweet spot and make the best of the night away.

Enjoy the video below of clips taken throughout the stay at Hockley Valley Resort and Spa and take a look at the blog posts by the other wonderful women during this trip: Amanda, Jenelle, and Dee.

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