A Guide to Visiting New York City


Exploring New York City, My Way

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a New Yorker because I’ve gone a handful of times and then called it my favourite city in the world, but I have learned a few things over the years of exploring the city and trying to fit in as a local whenever I’m there.

From commuting around the city, knowing when to take transit or just walk, learning the neighbourhoods, quickly learning which areas are my favourite, finding my favourite pizza in the city, and learning how to experience more cafes between two people in only a handful of days… you could say I’ve taken notes.

When I land in New York, my main goals are to visit many cafes, eat a few bagels, devour a couple pizzas, and drink a few drinks. Mandatory trip requirements include visits to Central Park, the Met Steps, Ralph’s Coffee, a Comedy Cellar show, and hopefully a dinner at Rubirosa.

Before you start saying that my list is missing many spots — I already know — I will continue to add with each visit to NYC in the future. Also, sometimes there are multiple locations, but I’m just listing the ones that I’ve actually gone to. If you see any places linked, I’ve linked them to my Instagram if I’ve featured them before more in-depth.

Daily Provisions

☕️ Felix Roasting Co. 
☕️ Now or Never Coffee 
☕️ Poetica Coffee 
☕️ Seven Grams Caffè 
☕️ The Lost Draft 
🍳 Ruby’s Cafe 
🍳 Sadelle’s 
🍳 Jack’s Wife Freda 
🥣 Le Botaniste 
🥪 Two Hands 
🥑 Beatnic 
🍕 LTD Pizza and Bar 
🍕 Champion Pizza 

West Village / Greenwich Village
☕️ Birch Coffee 
☕️ Daily Provisions 
☕️ Do Not Feed Alligators 
☕️ Drip Drop 
☕️ Fellini Coffee 
☕️ Hungry Ghost Coffee 
☕️ Joe Coffee Company 
☕️ Maman 
☕️ outro nyc 
🥯 Leon’s Bagels 
🥯 Popup Bagels 
🍪 Chip City 
🌳 Washington Square Park 
🍕 Joe’s Pizza 
🍕 John’s of Bleeker St Pizza 
🍦 Venchi 
😂 Comedy Cellar 
🍹 In Sheep’s Clothing 
🍹 LB 

Nolita / Little Italy
☕️ Blank Street Coffee 
☕️ Butler Espresso Bar 
☕️ Café Integral 
☕️ Café Leon Dore 
☕️ Charley St 
☕️ ENLY 
☕️ La Colombe Coffee Roasters
☕️ Yours Truly Coffee 
🥯 Baz Bagel 
🥯 Black Seed Bagels 
🍳 Bluestone Lane Bowery Cafe 
🍳 Egg Shop 
🥣 The Butcher’s Daughter 
🍕 Upside Pizza 
🍕 Prince St Pizza 
🍕 Rubirosa 
🍝 Pietro Nolita 
🍦 Van Leeuwen Ice Cream 
🍹 Fig Bar 
🍹 Spring Lounge 

Lower East Side
☕️ Cafe Grumpy 
☕️ Good Thanks Cafe 
☕️ Roasting Plant 
🌮 The Vegoist at 113 
🍦 Urban Dessert Lab 
🍹 Attaboy 
🍹 Reception Bar 
🍷 The Ten Bells 

East Village
☕️ 787 Coffee 
🍕 Joe & Pat’s 
🌮 Tacombi 
🍹 Hard to Explain 

☕️ about time coffee 
🌳 Madison Square Park 
🍝 Eataly 
🍔 Shake Shack 

☕️ In Common NYC Cafe 
🌳 The High Line 
📸 Vessel 

☕️ Black Fox Coffee 
☕️ Culture Espresso 
☕️ Remi43 Flower & Coffee 
🥪 All’Antico Vinaio 
📸 Times Square 
📸 Grand Central Station 
📸 Tudor City Bridge 

Upper East Side
🌳 Central Park 
☕️ Ralph’s Coffee 
📸 The Met Steps 
🥟 Super Taste 
🍹 UES 

Brooklyn / DUMBO
☕️ % Arabica 
☕️ Butler Cafe 
☕️ Devoción 
☕️ Neighbors 
☕️ Partners Coffee 
☕️ PPL 
☕️ Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen 
☕️ Weekends Cafe 
🍵 Cha Cha Matcha 
🍪 Levain Bakery 
🍕 Fini 
🍹 East River Bar 
🍹 Time Out Market New York 
📸 Brooklyn Bridge 
📸 Dumbo (Manhattan Bridge View) 

Financial District
☕️ Wattle Cafe 
🥯 Leo’s Bagels 
📸 SeaGlass Carousel 

Untitled at 3 Freeman Alley
Brooklyn Bridge
Arlo SoHo

The Best Hotels I've Stayed at During My Trips to New York City

The past three places I’ve stayed at are The Nolitan, Untitled at 3 Freeman Alley, and Arlo SoHoI like to make my “home base” somewhere around SoHo or Nolita because I believe those to be the best areas to start and end a day in Manhattan.

All three hotels are well designed with unique modern finishes which is what I gravitate towards when making a decision during the booking process. I would stay at each of these hotels again in future visits. All three were fairly compact rooms, but enough space to set as a base for each day and a place for quick changes and sleeping at night.

They also have a restaurant or bar (or both!) within each hotel, so in a pinch you can find something without leaving the premise. Even if you do have to leave to find food or drinks, they’re all very well situated around lively neighbourhoods with a plenty of nearby options.

Charley St
Untitled at 3 Freeman Alley
The Met
Pietro Nolita