custom art illustrations

are you interested in a photo-based custom illustration? you’ve come to the right place!

commission requests are currently closed
illustrated by rae fashion illustration

why get an illustration?

they make for great gifts for family and friends, personal branding for websites and social media, or as something you would like to put on display in your own home.

currently i am providing digital files – not printed materials.

how does it work?

once we have worked out an agreement, you will send the photo(s) you would like illustrated, any specific requests you may have (changing clothing colours, background colours, etc.), and the payment before i start illustrating.

in the end, i will provide you with a digital copy of your illustration with a 8″ x 10″ dimensions (unless otherwise discussed).

illustrated by rae steeltown garage cafe hamilton illustration

how much does it cost?

you want an illustration but you’re afraid to break the bank on commissioning an illustration? every piece of artwork is unique and will reflect different pricing depending on the amount of detailing and people involved in each photo. here are some estimated price points for a few categories of artwork, but please feel free to reach out to me to discuss something that works for you.



these are the illustrations of one single person with minimal or no background work, usually displayed on a background colour of your choice.



these illustrations will have a more detailed background or require a lot more work detailing the objects involved in the photo.



illustrations with multiple people will take longer to create and will have a price that reflects that. please contact me to discuss further.

let's get started!

send me a message below to let me know about what you are looking for and i will get back to you shortly as we discuss more details!

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*note: if the form takes a long time to submit, please submit again just to be sure that it went through.