Nicole Rae's Lightroom Presets

Welcome to my presets for lightroom! My Instagram feed has been through a lot of different editing styles and aesthetics over the years. Ever since I started using adobe lightroom, I’ve continuously saved my preferred Lightroom presets to make it easier to get the editing technique I like.

purchase the preset collections

the 2020 collection
5 presets for $15 $10

the 2020 collection contains all of the presets that i’ve used over the past year when editing photos.

the daily archives
7 presets for $15 $10

the daily archives collection contains a preset for every day of the week, all with a different look.

the retro archives
4 presets for $10 $8

the retro archives collection contains altered presets, based on the original archives collection.

the weekend archives
4 presets for $10 $8

the weekend archives collection contains all weekend presets – from both original and retro archives.

frequently asked preset questions

why are the preset collections priced so low?

let me preface this with saying that you should never feel discouraged when using a preset on a photo and thinking that it looks wrong. most presets likely require at least the smallest bit of altering still in order to suit YOUR photo.

for this reason, i believe that presets should never be something that are expensive for people to purchase. i have kept the prices low and reasonable so that you can start or continue your journey with adobe lightroom photo editing!

what if the preset doesn't look right for me?

all of these preset files were developed for different editing styles and just might not be the exact fit for your photo. presets purchases are non-refundable and all sales are final. this is simply because digital downloads cannot be returned like a physical item.

lightroom issues you may come across while editing: one colour is too bold, the image looks too dull, skin colour is too orange, etc.

due to this being a common issue, i have included some little tips and tricks on what steps you can take to solve some normal issues that you may encounter with certain presets or editing in general. this will be sent to you after your purchase is complete. everyone loves an added bonus! 🙂

do your presets feature different editing styles?

the new 2020 collection features the presets i used throughout 2020 to maintain my editing style on my blog and instagram.

the presets in the archives collections may not be in heavy rotation for me in comparison to how much i used them from 2018-2019, but that doesn’t mean i don’t go back to them every once in a while to use as a base or ideas of how i could edit a new photo. a preset can start as a great base for any photo edit that you can build upon for your ideal preferences.

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