the 2020 collection


the 2020 collection contains 5 presets that were used throughout the past year when editing all my photos for my instagram and blog. my presets often fall on the warmer side to result in a warmer neutral aesthetic. these presets also enhance the warmer tones in the photos, including pinks and purples through the photos.

adjustments can be made to these presets to brighten or darken your photo after the preset is applied, along with warming up the photo or cooling it down to your editing style preference. these presets were designed with raw photos, but can also be applied to regular phone photos as well.


5 presets included

  • bright summer
  • studio bright
  • studio neutral
  • vintage film
  • vintage sunday

bonus gift

each of my preset collection purchases comes with a handy guide with some tips that solve a few of the common issues you may face when it comes to editing photos in adobe lightroom.


all of my presets purchases are non-refundable and all sales are final. this is simply because digital downloads cannot be returned like a physical item and cannot be given a refund.

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