The Lip Lock Moisture Balm from Marc Jacobs Beauty

Lip Lock Moisture Balm.

When it comes to high end lip balms, I think I have added a new product into my collection that really takes the cake with winning all around. Definitely not a cheap price, expensive-looking packaging, and high end results. The Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm is the focus of today’s blog post as I sum up everything I can about it. Consider this my justification for purchasing it.

According to the Sephora website, this lip balm is “a buttery, rich lip balm that locks in hydration”.  Although it may not claim it on the Canadian website, other sources say that it also has SPF 18 in the lip balm, which makes it an absolute essential for spring and summer. Sunscreen for your lips is one of the most overlooked types of sun protection and this luxurious packaged product could be your classy way of making sure your lips are protected through the warm weather as well. If you live in a city with warm/hot weather year-round, then this is something that should be in your handbag or purse every single day.

The lip balm itself has a subtle minty flavour and is jam packed full of nature’s best exotic oils and butters such as andiroba, buriti, shea, and avocado. Although there is only one product in this moisture balm with SPF collection, they still gave it a “shade name” anyways and it goes by the name Makeout. Not only does it keep your lips protected against the sun’s harmful rays, but it keeps your lips nice and moisturized for those summer kisses.

Time for the only downside of this product: the price. This beauty of a product, in its classy packaging that follows suit of all the other Marc Jacobs Beauty products, comes in at C$30.00. Yes, that’s quite an expensive lip balm. I have a couple others that are around the same price point, but come in a pot instead of a lipstick-like bullet type of application, so this one definitely wins the battle for best lip balm.

Would you ever consider paying this much for a lip balm with added sun protection? Let me know in the comments below if you are now tempted to buy this Marc Jacobs Beauty product.