OOTD: Bundled Up For Winter

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For what could have actually been a nice sunny day to style an outfit, today turned out to be incredibly cold, crazy windy, and a little bit snowy. I tried my best anyways and budled up with something that was somewhat still styled. I promise the next one will be better!

› For starters, the toque is from Green Hill Clothing. I had personally never heard of this clothing brand, but my sister wanted the toque as a Christmas gift in 2012, so I ordered it for her an it’s very comfy and stands out so you don’t lose her in a crowd. My ears would have frozen off without this toque on today.

› Next, my scarf is from Aritzia. They don’t carry the same grey shade of the scarf anymore, but they do carry other colours of the same pattern. It’s a lot to invest in a scarf that isn’t that thick, but I wore it throughout the entire winter season last year, so it was worth the price to me.

› My sleeveless patterned blouse and jacket are both from H&M, but I can’t find them on the website any more because the were from previous seasons/collections. The blouse was a very recent purchase because it was my size and only $10, and even though it’s a little bit too long when untucked, I decided to buy it.The jacket as a detachable faux fur lining, which I didn’t think I’d like, but I’ve kept it on 90% of the time since I bought this jacket back in October.

› Another item I’m wearing is a grey cardigan from Urban Outfitters. Again, it’s unsearchable on the website because I bought it over a year ago. I definitely needed another layer to bundle up to venture outside. My jeans on the other hand are always in season for UO, and can be found here. These have been my go to pants for 2 years now. I always buy them in black and wear them so much that each pair turns a shade of blue eventually, so then I just end up buying a new pair. I bought a pair of the high-rise ones by accident last time and don’t enjoy them as much yet. The “Twig Mid-Rise” will always be my favourite. If you can grab a pair during their sale, that’s even better!

› And lastly, my cowboy boots are from Call It Spring. The pair of boots linked are not the exact same pair, but I think only the colour is different. They don’t offer the same pair anymore, but there’s a lot of very similar styles still available. I bought these boots about 2 years ago and they easily became one of my favourite options when it comes to footwear.