Product Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette



When I find a product I love, it’s very hard for me to try and change it up to give another product a chance, especially with higher priced eye shadow palettes. I stay true to my Urban Decay Naked palette as the first one is my holy grail, I will probably not buy Naked 2 or 3. But after a friend had posted a photo about this Too Faced palette, it peaked my interest. I looked up the palette online for more details, and from the colour selection and being told that the product smells like chocolate, and I was sold. I went out the following day and bought it for myself at Sephora. This is one of the only times that I walked into that store on a mission to buy one thing, and only bought that one single item. I took it out of it’s package the moment I got home to admire it and to smell it. And yes, it does smell of chocolate-like scents. I used it the next morning and was really impressed with the product. The colours are wonderful, and the names of each shade make it even better! My only two downsides with this product so far are: 1) It didn’t come with a brush for application. I loved that about the Naked palette, and think more products should include good quality eye shadow brushes in the package. 2) It creases. This could be false due to make own makeup routine, but I noticed after a long day that the eye shadow did in fact crease. I am using the last remains of an eye shadow primer, so maybe with a newer one it would lessen the chance of creasing? Maybe.

While I don’t see myself using some of the non-neutral colours as often (such as the baby pink shade Strawberry Bon Bon or the purple shade Candied Violet), the majority of this palette can be used to create many different looks that are on the natural looking side of eye makeup. The darker shades can be used to create the more dramatic smokey eyes, and the lighter shades for just a softer look. I’m still playing around with it and seeing what goes best together for me. I left the labels on for the photo, but here is a full list of the shades and if they are matte or shimmer shadows: Gilded Ganache (shimmer), White Chocolate (matte), Milk Chocolate (matte), Black Forest Truffle (shimmer), Triple Fudge (matte), Salted Caramel (matte), Marzipan (shimmer), Semi-Sweet (matte), Strawberry Bon Bon (matte), Candied Violet (shimmer), Amaretto (shimmer), Hazelnut (shimmer), Crème Brulee (shimmer), Haute Chocolate (shimmer), Cherry Cordial (shimmer), and Champagne Truffle (shimmer).