Hair Chalk Experiment

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I’ve been fighting the temptation to try out this hair chalk trend for quite a long time now, but finally gave in a few weeks ago and ordered myself a set of pink and purple coloured hair chalk off to Etsy. I anxiously awaited for the delivery and it finally arrived. Last night I took a deep breath and made the non-committal decision to put it in my hair. I say non-committal because it’s a product that washed out usually with one wash. For my first attempt, I wet a few sections of hair and coloured them with the coloured I had: light peachy-pink, hot pink, light purple, and a darker purple. I mainly bought the set for the purples, but threw in the pinks for fun. While drying my hair I realized that my hair was almost the same texture as dreadlocks, which I was not expecting. I put blame on this because I already had products in my hair from earlier in the day. It made my hair uncontrollably thick, but the colour pay-off wasn’t what I was hoping for at all. I decided I’d sleep on it and wash it out in the morning and try again with no products in my hair, hoping for better results.

This morning I did just that. The first attempt at hair chalk washed out nicely for me to start fresh with a second attempt. When it came time to try the hair chalks again, I took a different approach and coloured all of the ends of my hair instead of just sections – hoping the colour pay-off would be much greater than the first try. After taking ages for this to dry and seal in the colour with my hair straightener, my hair felt very rough again and I noticed the powder was not set in my hair at all, not as well as it had on my first attempt anyways. I decided I would make the best of the situation and get my friend Carrie to take some photos while we were out, just so that I could remember how my hair looked before washing it all out again a few hours later – which involved a much bigger effort to get everything rinsed out. I had the deeper purple in the back, and the pink and lighter purple colours at the front framing my face. I was not impressed with the hair texture or the staying power of the hair chalk, but that could all be the select product I bought. I may try it again in the future, but using a different brand. I’ve always liked the idea of purple and/or pink streaks, so I’m not giving up on this experiment quite yet!