Nicole In The Kitchen: Egg Bagel



You may be looking at that picture and thinking it looks like one of the most simplest of dishes a person could make – and you’re pretty much correct! I am not trained to make too many meals in the kitchen, besides hotdogs and grilled cheese (which I can’t even eat anymore), so I recently took on the task of making another dish for myself and this was it. It’s not the usual type of bagel sandwich you would buy at Tim Hortons, so let me explain one of my new favourite dishes.


I grew up never really like eggs as part of a meal, but that changed probably only about a month or so ago when I realized I could enjoy them rather than just tolerate them. But don’t get me started on omelettes, I still think those are awful. Baby steps people, baby steps. Anyways, for this sandwich I toasted a cinnamon raisin bagel and laid down a large piece of lettuce that was twice the size of the bagel. I learned to make an over-easy egg (wow, that’s embarrassing) and put that on one side of the piece of lettuce. Next, a recent craze in my household is avocado. I cut out about a fourth of an avocado and mushed that up until it was most of a spread and rubbed that over the other side of the lettuce. Following that, I stuck some bacon slices and a few breakfast sausage pieces over the egg and flipped the other side of the lettuce on top with the top half of the bagel. Usually these bagel sandwiches contain some slightly melted cheese for extra greatness, but I can’t really eat cheese, so I found everything I used made up for that loss.

I know, it’s a super simply meal. But for someone with super limited culinary and kitchen skills, I really impressed myself because it was delicious and I want it again already! I paired with with a fruit smoothie and enjoyed the meal as the egg exploded all over my hands because I forgot that’s what eggs do when squished together. Final note? An improvement from cookies and chocolate for a meal.