April 2014 Favourites



I’ve decided to gather some random items together for my first ever Favourites post! This will hopefully be a monthly feature on a selection of my favourite items each month. Anything from beauty products, entertainment, clothing, food, and random items can be mentioned. I will provide links to each item for further information if you are interested.

› 1. MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum-Yum [link] // I’ve been known to stick to my raspberry and red shades of lipstick, but lately I decided to branch out and search for my perfect hot pink shade of lipstick. I’ve purchased a few, but MAC Cosmetic’s matte neon pink shade “Candy Yum-Yum” is definitely my favourite of the bunch! The colour is a brilliant neon hot pink and definitely pigmented. There is one major downside to this product and that is because it’s a matte lipstick, after a while the lipstick will break on your lips and it won’t look as smooth as it was when first applied. I’m still working on fixing that issue, but otherwise it is definitely a favourite for the springtime!

› 2. Essie Nail Polish in Madison Ave-hue [link] // Following a colour trend with hot pink products, I also went out in search of my perfect pink shade of nail polish. I always trust Essie as my main nail polish brand, and went to their stand first. This Madison Ave-hue shade caught my eye, not because it matched with any lipstick I had, but because it almost has a tint of purple too it, so it’s a very pretty pink that has easily become my new favourite shade of the month and I am going to re-apply it very shortly.

› 3. Camp Takota Hoodie [link] // I’ve mentioned before in my movie review post for Camp Takota here that I bought a hoodie to support this movie release and it has proven to still be the comfiest hoodie I own and I’ve worn it a lot recently when I want to be an absolute comfortable grub in my own home. It’s a bit large on me so I try not to wear it out of the house.

› 4. Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham [link] // As horrible as I am with trying to finish books, I’m still trying to get through this book at least. But, I’m taking a different attack method to get through this book as I’m now “reading” this book by listening to it on Audible being narrated by the author, Lauren Graham. I think having her read it to me is only making it even better, since I could nearly hear her voice reading it to me while I tried reading it anyways. The story is quite enjoyable and I’m pushing myself to listen to a chapter here and there and eventually I’ll get though it. Once I’m done this book, I’ll consider keeping my Audible account and trying to get through another one.

› 5. NBC’s Parenthood [link] // Television show favourite! Parenthood is most definitely without a doubt my favourite show on air right now. It just wrapped up its fifth season and I’m hoping it gets renewed for a sixth. This show can fill your heart with so much love and also shatter your heart in a million pieces within a single episode. The actors on the show even tear up watching their own show, so audiences watching it would definitely open up the flood gates. A super talented cast and great featured music, this family drama show is something I would recommend for anyone and everyone!

› 6. Molly Maxwell (2013) [link] // A first movie favourite is a movie I just watched for the first time this month. A Toronto-based indie flick about a student and teacher relationship. Click on the link to watch the trailer, and here for my review of the film.

› 7. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008) [link] // A second movie favourite is a movie I’ve re-watched for the first time in well over a year or two. Michael Cera and Kat Dennings star in this movie and have created a classic in the hipster/indie/music loving film world. Click the link to watch the trailer, and here for my review of the film when I re-watched it recently.

› 8. Marble Candle in Allure [link] // As I’ve gotten back into my candle phase, I picked up this unique 75 hour burn time marble candle at Urban Outfitters because its scent was unlike anything I’ve come across before and I couldn’t quite even think of what it smelt like other than describing the smell as “warmth”. There were three different marble shades: red, blue, and purple. The red “Allure” one smelt better than the others, and even though it was pricey, the smell was worth it. The only downside with this candle is that the wick wasn’t perfectly centered, so some of the candle isn’t burning at the sides. I’m trying to find ways around that to make sure all the candle gets used up.

› 9. Starbucks Refreshers in Blueberry Acai [link] // These canned refreshers are very convenient in the fact that I can take them to work with me, if I ever remembered to take them out of my fridge on the way out the door. I’ve found that Shoppers Drug Mart usually has some sort of sale on them, so I buy them when I see the sale prices. Compared to the in store fresh made refreshers, these canned versions are carbonated, which I’m not crazy about, but having this new Blueberry Acai flavour is a win-lose for these drinks. If you want a cold slightly caffeinated beverage, I definitely recommend these!

› 10. Coffee-mate in Belgian Chocolate Toffee [link] // When it comes to hot caffeinated beverages, I like mine heavily delicious flavoured. Usually this means some sort of chocolate flavour, and when I make my coffee at home (with hot chocolate powder added to it of course) I also add in this lactose-free coffee creamer because it adds a little extra flavour to make my drinks that much better. The peppermint mocha is my favourite flavour, but that one is only available through the winter season unfortunately, so I’m switching to this one until it comes back out.