The Estée Lalonde Meet Up

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One day not too long ago I was watching a YouTube video by one of my favourite YouTubers, Estée of EssieButton, the Canadian beauty guru that moved to the UK a few years ago. During this one particular video there was an announcement made that she was coming back to Canada for a short while and having a meetup in Toronto. Instant thought? I must go! Luckily it was to be held on a Sunday so I did not have to worry about having to work that day. I had other places I wanted and needed to visit in Toronto with my boyfriend, and he was gracious enough to accompany me to this meetup during the afternoon.

      On the day of the meetup, I was down the street not long before the starting time and felt the rain start to fall, or fall straight into my eyes as most raindrops decided to go. Upon arriving at Young-Dundas Square, there was quite the large line of pretty much all girls creating a crowd underneath anything that gave shelter from the rain. After only a few more minutes of waiting, Estée appeared and all fangirling hell broke loose! A large circular audience was formed around her as she greeted everyone, which most of which I missed as I was still trying to find a way to see her through all the tall people. Eventually she asked who wanted to meet her and every single person went running towards her. I found my way through the crowd slowly but surely and was about an arm’s length away and probably next to meet her, when a security guard pulled her aside and eventually moved the crowd across the street to the outside of the Eaton Centre. Getting pushed way back into the crowd, this was going to take forever.

      But yet again, the meet-up was moved to Nathan Phillips Square and I eventually found my way to meet her, hug her, say a quick cheesy line about loving Oprah Chai, and getting a photo with her, in which my face turned into a face that strangely doesn’t even really look like my face. Nevertheless, she was so incredibly awesome for sticking it out through all the fangirls and the location changes, and even the rainy weather that had still not gone away. Canada loves its EssieButton, that’s for sure!

      UPDATE: Estée has now seen this for herself and sent me a lovely message back!