Nicole In The Kitchen: Açaí Smoothie Bowl


When you become obsessed with a food item and do not feel like driving an hour to go buy one, you have to learn how to make it yourself at home. Today’s addiction is the açaí smoothie bowl. This healthy, delicious, and very berry-ful food dish is simple enough to make that I’ve now made it two days in a row. With inspiration from many pretty Instagram photos and helpful tips from friends and other websites, I’ve come close to perfecting this for myself!

To start off this healthy meal, I’ve purchased the Sambazon Unsweetened Açaí Smoothie Pack from Goodness Me, my most recent place to feel good about spending maybe a little bit too much money. Fun fact: Some studies state that the açaí berry is one of the richest sources of antioxidants compared to the other more common berries. I blend up one pouch of the puree with whatever frozen berries I have on hand in my freezer, half of a banana, chia seeds, and some lactose-free milk to get a smoother consistency. From the two times I’ve made this at home, I’ve made one that came out much thinner and one that came out a lot thicker. Everyone will be different for how they want it to turn out at the end.

After I’ve got the base of the smoothie bowl created, I grab a bowl or mug to eat it out of. The first time I made this I ended up taking it to work for lunch. I stored it in a mason jar and although a little constricted to eat out of, it worked out just fine. The second one, I grabbed a nice wide mug. I lined the bottom of the meg with Goodness Me’s Vegan Granola which adds a lot more texture and nutrients into this meal. I top the granola with all of the açaí smoothie mix, and then top that with the other half of the banana in little pieces, some berries, and chia seeds. For someone that has not enjoyed bananas for her whole life, this is a big step of eating them in this dish and am very proud of myself for that! You can top the smoothie bowl with whatever ingredients you want. I tend to research more nutritious topping options to add into this recipe for myself. I hope you get to try this meal for yourself and obtaining all the healthy benefits!