May 2014 Favourites



A whole month has passed since I did my April favourites, so for May I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favourite products I’ve been loving for the past month. I’ve recently taken on a whole new look onto nutrition and healthy eating, so I will be doing a separate post dedicated to those food items and my new healthy eating lifestyle. So keep an eye out for that post, but for now, on to the products!

› Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder [link] // This was a product that I’ve seen hyped about for quite a few months now and being a fan of Bumble and Bumble and dry shampoo, this was a no brainer for me. I finally went and purchased it and the product has lived up to the hype! Even though I wish it was a spray, shaking the powder out of the bottle and massaging into my hair is worth the extra shaking step. This product is a multi-purposeful product as it acts as a dry shampoo, style extender, and volume enhancer… and I’ve noticed that it is successful in all three categories. I would recommend this product to everyone, because we could all use the help in at least one, if not all, of these categories most of the time!

› Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish [link] // Unlike the first product, this product I had not heard much about yet but was intrigued when I saw it and read the quick description. I made the decision to buy it and hope for the best! Since I started using dry shampoo, I’ve really started to like dry hair products, rather than products that are more wet in consistency, and this one is definitely on the dry end of the spectrum. This spray adds that extra bit of thickening texture into your hair, and some hold! I’m always down to make my hair seem thicker. I’ll spray a bit of this into my hair once it’s styled enough for that finish touch. I’ve liked the outcome with this one so far and I’m glad I decided to buy it.

› Benefit Hervana Blush [link] // This blush has been on my “want list” ever since it was first released a couple years back I believe. Recently I gave in and treated myself to this blush and have been using it a lot this month. It’s a mixture of light pinks, medium coral-pinks, and even pink-purple shades, which blends together as an orchid-blossom colour. It may be a bit too much if I apply it generously, but I’m usually pretty light with make-up application, so I’ve found a nice balance with this one and am glad I finally bought it.

› Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical [link] // It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is in my favourites to some people. I’ve been obsessing over the Batiste dry shampoos for a while now, but once I ran out of my first “flirty” scented one, I was at a loss of where to buy it again. I searched for it in Shoppers again, but no luck. I ended up finding a different scent, the coconut tropical scent, at Walmart and this one is even better! I’m not the biggest fan of coconut, but this product does it right! The smell stays with you, so if that’s something your not a fan of, maybe this product isn’t for you, but it definitely is for me. I’m always down to make my hair look clean and not greasy, and smell nice and summery while I’m at it!

› Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water [link] // I was hesitant on making this purchase, but only for about a few minutes and was on the hunt for this product for a few weeks. All it took was a drive to Toronto and the nearest Lush store to graba and buy this product and my skin has been thanking me ever since! I felt my previous tea tree toner was slightly irritating my skin when being used twice a day and I was going through my cotton pads much faster than usual. This toner water comes as a spray and can be squirted directly on your face. This saves me the money and waste from cotton pads, and has been making my skin feel very refreshed and nourished when using it every morning and night before bed. The sales lady was right when she said going for the larger bottle would be the better deal! I’m sticking to this toner from now on.

› Bioderma Sensibio H20 [link] // I may not be using the cotton pads with the toner anymore, but I still use them with my make up remover. I recently spotted a small bottle of Bioderma down the aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart and have been wanting to give it a shot. I am really impressed with how easily it removes my make up and does not irritate my skin at all. I will definitely be purchasing hopefully a bigger bottle of this once this one runs out.

› Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Natural Rose [link] // This was a last minute purchase, squeezing right in on the last day of the month, so this is a hopeful “favourite” since I’ve used it once before it officially switched over to June. I found this in Target for about $8.00 and was pretty sure this was the product I had heard good things about, so I picked up the soft rose-mauve coloured lip balm and hoped for the best. I put it on when I got home and it goes on smooth! The colour is visible so it isn’t too sheer. I am interested in how the other shades show on the lips, but I definitely will be using this one when I need that extra bit of moisture and colour.