Nicole In The Kitchen: Iced Coffee

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There comes a time in every year when it’s too warm outside to be able to enjoy a hot caffeinated beverage. The solution? Pour it over ice! Iced coffee was actually my first introduction into the world of coffee (the best and worst thing to ever happen to me) and I’ve been a fan of it ever since. Although the realization that I can’t have regular milk and cream in my iced coffee made this a little more difficult to enjoy. Last summer I dove into the world of iced americanos, but they just aren’t the same as an iced coffee. So finally within the last month I’ve come up with a regular iced coffee recipe that I make almost daily either in the morning to bring to work, or during the day before the caffeine withdrawals headaches kick in on the weekend. Here is my iced coffee recipe!

For the sake of speed, I just used my Keurig coffee machine to create a cup of regular coffee. Lately I’ve become a fan of my dad’s favourite: the Eight O’Clock Regular K cups. I add a sugar or two to this cup of coffee and 2 pumps of my vanilla syrup that I bought from Starbucks. I like my drinks on the sweeter side of the spectrum. I can add an ice cube to try and chill down the coffee, but I usually stick it in the fridge while I finish getting ready or doing my makeup in the morning. It doesn’t get much worse than watered down iced coffee because you melted all your ice after pouring hot coffee all over it. I think this is a key step that I’ve missed in the past that has ruined many iced coffees. I grab my cup or cold drink tumbler and pour in a good amount of iced cubes. Over the ice, I pour in a little bit of the following three ingredients: Belgian Chocolate Toffee Coffeemate (yay for lactose-free creamers!), regular lactose-free milk, and chocolate almond milk. Once my coffee has cooled to a not so warm temperature I pour it over the ice with the other liquids and mix. Voilà! You have yourself my version of iced coffee.

Eventually I’ll run out of the chocolate almond milk and probably not repurchase it, so I may need to use more of the other liquids in it’s place. I don’t use any measurements, but you can adjust to how to like your iced coffee to taste. I hope you enjoy this recipe as I feel it’s a great way to stay cool and caffeinated during the hottest season of the year. Also, I don’t have to wait for it to be non-mouth scorching to start drinking it – and that’s always a plus when I need the caffeine in the morning to function.