OOTD: Monday After Festival



I’m really on a roll with these new #OOTD blogs now! My last post was from the first day of the SCENE Music Festival and I didn’t really get a good shot of my outfit from the second day, but I am providing you all with what I wore today, the day I should have spent sleeping all day in bed. I ended up going out for a stroll in the really beautifully warm weather this evening and was still slightly in festival outfit mode. This is my relaxed festival look which was perfect for this evening and a look I will probably be found wearing for a lot of days spent chilling around town. All items are from last season again, so these were the closest items I could find online now.

› Garage Printed Banded Back Bralette [link] // A cute little floral print bralette or cropped tank top is perfect for summer, but can be borderline too revealing in most situations. I bought this last summer and have no found an appropriate time to wear it yet, so it goes best underneath another layer. I think it is a really good way to add an extra pop of colour and detail to any outfit that can otherwise be seen as very neutral.

› Brandy Melville Denija Ta Flower Tank [link] // Because I am civilized and cannot justify walking around town in just a bralette or cropped tank top, I threw on this tank top from Brandy Melville that I bought that fall but I don’t think I’ve worn it more than once since. The bralette went with it perfectly as it covered most of my sides with the very deep side cuts in this tank top. The material is very stretchy and catches easily in the wind. I would suggest wearing something underneath this for sure, just in case! The tank top I’m wearing says “Hoodlum at Heart” which I felt was close enough to “Kid at Heart” so it had to be mine. I’m glad I bought this one and hope to get more use of it this summer now that I know what to pair it with.

› American Eagle Outfitters AE Denim White Shortie Shorts [link] // A white pair of shorts is my best friend in the summer because my legs don’t look as pale compared to if I was wearing black shorts. The fit of AE shorts has always been one of my favourites and I own quite a few pairs. The ones I own are from last spring/summer’s “Festival” collection and love the distressed patch designs and bottom trim. These are definitely my favourite pair of shorts that I own by far!

› Red Hill Coffee Trade / E23 [link] // Being the caffeine fiend that I am, I’m always up to grab a coffee at any point during the day and that’s why it’s in my hand and part of my look today. Now that summer has hit with the overly hot weather that I’m not crazy about, iced coffee is my main intake of coffee these days. I make my own iced coffee a lot (recipe here) and often frequent Timmies, Starbucks, and McDonalds for their iced coffees, but I’m also intrigued by what local coffee shops have to offer as well. I’ve known about Red Hill Coffee Trade and my family has been purchasing their coffee beans for a year or two now, but they opened a coffee shop named E23 and I finally got to try their cold brew iced coffee! I added in a bit of the simple syrup and sweetener and that coffee definitely hit the spot! One of the better iced coffees I’ve tried and as I was pretty much asleep while ordering it, I’m wide awake now a couple hours later. I should mention that their caffeine actually works on me, which is rare to find these days. Definitely stop by E23 to try it yourself or pick up their coffee beans wherever you can get your hands on them.