OOTD: More Than White



I’m upgrading my “Outfit of the Day” posts in order to incorporate more than just my outfit. This can include my make up, nail polish, jewellery, and any hair accessories. Also with this upgrade to the entire look, I will me showing images of as many items as I can from online because sometimes people want to see the packaging of the actual lipstick that I’m wearing. So here is the first look post based on my outfit from yesterday because I really how I was able to add onto this fairly white outfit with a couple fine details of colour.

› Bite Beauty Deconstructed Rose Lipstick in Grandifolia [link] // This brand isn’t new to me as I’ve heard about it and seen it in Sephora every time I go in, but it’s new to me in the sense that I’ve just purchased my two first products from the brand. Both products that I bought are from the limited edition Deconstructed Rose lipstick collection, and for this look I was testing out the bright, vibrant red shade for the first time. Is it weird that the lipstick actually smells like roses? A little, but I’m too impressed by this to be bothered that it is sometimes a little bit too much for my nose to handle. I also own the shade Damask, a rosy pink shade for days when I don’t feel like being as bold as the red lipstick.

› Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Full House [link] // When it comes to nail polish I stick to the brand I trust and love, Essie. But when this shade of blue caught my eye and a nice sale price, I picked it up and do not regret this purchase one bit! First of all, the colour is my perfect blue shade for summer. Second of all, the formula states that it is a base coast + colour together in one. I forgot about this part and put on my usual base coat anyways, but I loved how easy it went on. I will have to apply it again without a base underneath for a full review.

› Dynamite Mini Crepe Skirt in African Tribal [link] // Lately I’ve been faced with the issue of wanting to wear skirts, but usually decide against it because I hate dealing with the chance that the wind may blow my skirt up when I’m least expecting it. On the weekend I took a look through Dynamite, which I never shop in usually, and ended up with a few pieces I liked, but mainly this skirt with the winner of the haul. This pencil-styled skirt was the perfect solution to my battles against wind and will help me stay a bit cooler on hot summer days. The little triangular cut out detail along the bottom trim adds a little something extra to the skirt along with the quite interested tribal pattern to add more character to what could have otherwise been an all white outside. I would like to add that I’m glad it was not all completely white because I had to run through a rain storm in the evening in this outfit to get to my car, so that was fun. Having a patterned skirt definitely allows you to pair it with a much more basic top and I ended up with a white, lace detailed tank top.