OOTD: Summer Music Festival



The SCENE Music Festival has officially arrived in St. Catharine’s as of Saturday afternoon and with the chance to go and check out some bands, some that I know and some that I am hearing for the first time, I jumped into summer attire mode quickly and drove into town for the festival. I am attending both days of the festival and this was my comfy and casual look that I wore yesterday for Day 1! Almost all of these clothing items are from last year, so they aren’t listed online anymore, but I’m providing you with some very similar options. This is not all of the items I wore, but some of the main clothing pieces from the outfit.

› Talula Pelham Hat [link] // My favourite summer hat! This hat saved my face from the sunlight today, even though I spent a lot of time in the shade or in bars and cafes checking out other musical performances in the downtown area. It adds an extra touch of laid-back summer mode to my outfit and that was perfect for this weekend’s festivities!

› TNA Tola Tank [link] // Tank tops are always in season for summer, and the ones with lower cuts in them allow for a little bit more skin to be revealed, which can help keep you a bit cooler sometimes in hot weather. I picked up this tank top after reading the “RAD” letters on the front of it and thought it would be a good choice for a sort of loose-fitting tank top. I didn’t see myself grabbing any tight tank tops in case the day got hotter, stickier, and sweatier.

› Printed Bandeau [link] // To go along with the lower cut of the tank top, I did not want to go revealing my bra around the park and downtown area, so I covered up slightly with a printed bandeau, which I bought last summer but am only wearing for the first time now. A cool pattern is always interesting and adds a little extra detail to the outfit as a whole.

› BDG Plaid Double-Pocket Shirt [link] // When it comes to the evening time of a music festival, having an extra layer is always a good idea. For the little extra layer of warmth if the night winds create a chill, or even if just a layer acting as a blanket between your shorts and the ground. I did not stick around for the evening performances, but during the daytime I had it tied around my waste and sat on it when I was keeping cool in the shade while listening to the bands perform. I probably saved my white shorts from a few grass stains, so that’s a win in my books!