Everyday Eye Shadow Favourites





Consider this blog post to be a favourites post, but all dedicated to my favourite eye shadow products. I will start off by saying that I’m not a person that experiments with wild vibrant colours or a lot of darker shades. Over the years I’ve realized how much you can achieve with your basic neutral eye shadows and palettes. So I’m going to walk you through a few of my favourites when it comes to the best eye shadows.


No eye shadow collection is complete without the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and I crossed that off my list when I bought the first palette in the range. I did not jump on the bandwagon until shortly after the Naked 2 palette got released, and picked the first one over the second for the colour range. It doesn’t get much better than this palette! Although I wish it hadn’t cost so much, the quality makes it worth it. For a while I had only been using this palette, before I added a couple more products into the mix. There is a good variety of matte and shimmery shades, but nothing too “in your face” glittery. I’ve definitely backed away from the glitter shadows over the years and am glad I made that choice. So many looks can be achieved with this palette, and I’d recommend to buy one of the Naked palettes, whichever colour range appeals to you the most, because it is worth every cent! A bonus for actually having a really good eye shadow brush and a travel sized eye shadow primer that came with it in the package.


Next up is The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette from Too Faced. I was not planning on purchasing this palette, but all the hype built up around it and a weak “feeling spendy” trip to Sephora did me in. Although I don’t love this as much at the Naked palette, this chocolate scented palette also offers a beautiful selection of matte and shimmery shades. The scent along could have someone spending an extra five minutes during their makeup routine because they are too busy sniffing this product. Unfortunately this one did not come with a brush, which was a disappointment. But I will say that the two lighter highlighting shades are bigger than the rest of the colours and that can almost double as a face highlighter. So I reach for this when I need some extra highlighting options. If I do feel like being slightly adventurous with my eye shadow, this palette does provide a few bolder shades. Did I mention is smells amazing?


I find palettes to be so much more convenient when it comes to creating a full eye makeup look, but this MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Until Dawn (from the Divine Night Holiday Collection) may just be my most used eye shadow product in the past few months. This small little compact eye shadow duo can create the most simple and easy neutral eye shadow look and that is why I reach for it so often, that and because it is usually right on top of everything else. This duo does have a bit of a shimmer too it, but when applying it to the eyelid you can hardly notice. A lighter gold shade to put all over my lid, and then the darker brown colour for the crease. If I had to travel I would bring this over everything because of how compact and easy to pack it would be, and much less likely to break than a palette.


Similarly, when it comes to needing a great eye shadow look without carrying around anything too big or breakables, the Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadows are a fantastic way to get a makeup look that will last all day long. These cream shadows have a very pigmented colour payoff, but I’ve stuck to buying a couple that are still neutral themed and can be used underneath other eye shadow or just on their own and still make an impact. The two shades that I own are a medium bronze colour named 25 Bad to the Bronze and a lighter beige in 70 Barely Branded.  Both creamy and slightly shimmery, both beautiful. They do last all day, so these aren’t products you have to worry about keeping up maintenance on throughout the day.


That’s it for my favourite eye shadow products! There are many brands and famous best-selling eye shadows I have not tried yet, but with the ones I have tried, I don’t think I will need to buy others until I’ve completely run out.