Long Weekend Essentials



Happy long weekend everyone! It doesn’t matter if you have a non-stop weekend full of planned activities or a lounging weekend in which you are just catching up on relaxing and me time, everyone deserves a break. I’ve gone ahead and gathered up some items that I think are some of the essentials for the long weekend for either busy or chill days. Let’s jump right into the items…


First up, I am just going to throw it out there that I enjoy getting lost in a sudoku puzzle when I have some time to waste and see how many I can get through before I go to sleep at night or have something else to do. I’ve almost completely filled up my last book of puzzles and when I saw this yellow and shiny silver chevon printed Pocket Posh Sudoku book at Indigo a couple weeks ago I knew it was meant to be mine. It’s a nice small size so it fits in your bag quite easily and can be brought out whenever you feel you need to do a puzzle.


If you have the time to paint your nails for the weekend, go ahead and give yourself that much deserved manicure. I’m all over the place when it comes to picking a favourite colour at the moment, but two colours that have been in my rotation lately are two blue-toned Essie nail polishes: “Butler Please” for a bolder shade and “Bikini So Teeny” for a lighter pastel shade. They are both great shades to try if you haven’t already.


It’s summer and you’ve got to remember to keep your skin moisturized in the drying heat. I’m not a person who goes crazy with using body butters daily, but when I do treat myself to some extra moisture I’ve been reaching for this Korres Guava Body Butter recently and it gives my skin a really nourished and soft feeling with such a fresh scent! I bought this product quite a while back, but have brought it back onto my shelves recently and am trying to use it a bit more often.


Speaking of keeping your skin moisturized and fresh to tackle the day, adding a concentrate or serum into your daily routine isn’t a bad idea if you don’t already use one. I am currently switching between two different serums depending on the time of day, but for the mornings I tend to use my Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Super Fruit Hydra-Moist Concentrated Serum because once you get past the really long product name, all the ingredients are really beneficial and healthy for your skin in order to keep it looking its best! I use a couple drops of this before I put on my moisturizer and I really think its doing its job!


I realize not everyone wears makeup, and I wish I could be one of those people. Lately I’ve been trying to have my days of wearing minimal to no makeup. A nice long weekend is a great time to try letting your skin breath without covering it up with makeup. I won’t be able to get away with this all weekend with attending a wedding and wanting to doll myself up a bit, but for those people that need a little bit of coverage I’ve got a drug store product for you. Very recently I went and purchased the Revlon Colorstay Concealer because my highly overpriced but super awesome NARS one was running very low. I’ve been quite impressed with this product so far and for a fraction of the price of the higher end one, it’s a good dupe! Cover those pesky spots and out the door you go!


Alas, there is a downfall to summer weather, and that’s the fact that sometimes your makeup doesn’t make it through the day and melts off your face. There are a couple different ways to attack this issue: primers and setting sprays. I’m going to suggest a holy grail product with the latter. The Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray is my must have item for any day that I know I will want my makeup staying on my face for more than just a couple hours. I ran out of my first bottle very recently and payed the price to buy myself a new bottle and feel much relieved about the situation now. There are three different version in Urban Decay’s setting spray range, but I stick to the De-Slick one in order to keep the oils under control at the same time.


Last but not least, I need to discuss my most recent food obsession. If you haven’t tried Angie’s Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn Popcorn, go find it near you, buy it, and let your tastebuds thank you. I’ve tried another flavour from the brand, but this flavour is the perfect balance between sweetness and that normal salty popcorn flavour people are used to. I’m not really crazy about adding anything to my popcorn besides salt, I’ve stopped putting butter on over the years, but this flavour is definitely my new favourite. Also can I mention they also get two thumbs up for awesome packaging. Definitely helps win over my heart and stomach. This popcorn brand is quite healthy, considering it is still a savoury treat, but it’s better than eating a whole cake. Don’t put it past me, I would if I could! This concludes my roundup of long weekend essentials.