Q&A with Nicole Rae



About a week ago I posted a status on Facebook asking if anyone had any questions for me that could be answered in a question and answer style blog post. I had a handful of questions asked, so here goes my attempt at giving the best answers possible!


Q: What are your thoughts on giant animal faced tshirts? Still too hipster? Or just hipster enough?

A: This answer relies heavily on the type of animal being featured on the shirt, and how giant the animal is on the shirt. Some people consider me a bit of a hipster at times, but I’ve only gone as far as wearing this loose-fitting sweater with a cat face wearing sunglasses. It was not that giant of a face, but I can see that be considered as a hipster (with a lot of cattitude) article of clothing. Cats are always seemingly on trend though, so maybe this example does not count. I give a round of applause to anyone that can pull off any animal faced shirts that are bigger than that because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave the house wearing one. I’m speaking about the giant shark face t-shirts that I’ve seen online and they absolutely terrify me. I don’t think it’s a hipster thing, I think it’s more of a “making a statement” decision to wear one of those shirts.


Q: Where did your passion for fashion come from? Love the blog btw!

A: First of all, thank you! It’s always a delight to hear that people enjoy my blog and it makes it worth continuing. As for my “passion for fashion”, it is not quite as evolved as one would think. Over the years I have relied heavily on comfy and casual sweaters, plaid flannels, and skinny jeans. Has much changed? Not really. But in the recent year I’ve begun to sort through my closet and keep the clothing that I wear more often, donating the pieces that I know I will never wear again. I’ve slowly started adding in a few new clothing pieces here and there that take me a bit more out of my comfort zone to switch up my style a bit, but only in very small baby steps.


I’m not one for colourful clothing, as black is the most common colour in my closet, but I have added a lot of floral patterned pieces lately, as well as some different styled shirts and tank tops.  I’m sure my style will continue to change over time, and maybe I will pay more attention to what’s on trend each season, but for now I will stick to what makes me happy. As we begin to fade away from summer weather and into the autumn, I know I will be happiest in a pair of jeans, my black faux leather jacket, and whatever I can throw on underneath. I like to stay comfy in what I wear, but still look like I made a little bit of effort when getting ready.


Q: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A: I knew there would be a joker in the questions, but this one is the easiest question to answer. For your answer, please refer to this video.


Q: HOW DO YOU SPELL FIRED UP??? just kidding ….. How do you plan your outfit/makeup for a big day? Eg: wedding, night out for birthday, etc. and how far in advance do you plan?

A: There’s no kidding around when it comes to spelling Fired Up, the answer is “F-U”. People that have seen Fired Up will understand that movie reference, and for those that haven’t seen it, go watch it! Back on topic: planning a look for a big day. I personally am a very last minute planner, except for certain occasions where I have gone out ahead of time and bought the outfit for that special day or occasion. If that’s not the case, I’m usually search through my closet while getting ready, thinking that I have nothing to wear, and end up picking out whatever I can last minute.


For makeup, I never really go drastic with any of my looks. If I have a smokey eye look, it’s usually because my darker eye shadows didn’t go on as I had hoped and it becomes a giant dark mess around my eyes that barely passes as the ideal smokey eye look. As long as I’ve got my eye liner, I think my look is slightly more dressed up and put together. Wearing lipstick also makes it look like you put that little bit of extra effort into your look as a whole. For daytime events, I think the more natural looking makeup works best, and slightly more dramatic makeup and brighter or deeper coloured lipsticks for nights out.


The more spectacular the event, the more consideration I put into the outfit and makeup. If it is any regular event where I am attending, I usually stick to my basics and don’t dress up too much. But if the event is for me, such as my birthday, then more thought goes into everything. Longer lasting makeup, a lipstick to make an impression, and an outfit that fits true to my personality and style.


Q: How do you find all of these awesome beauty products? Where do you find them and what makes you decide to purchase them?

A: When it comes to finding out about beauty products, it is usually thanks to three major sources: beauty bloggers, YouTube, and Instagram. All three of these sources can easily be linked as sometimes one person will be discussing the product on their blog, YouTube channel, and through Instagram. I am easily persuaded mostly through watching people talk about beauty products through videos and additional demonstrations of the products come in handy as well to either convince me I need the product or that I could do without it.


Being persuaded into thinking I want and/or need a product is one thing, but justifying the purchase is another separate decision. Things that factor into the decision include: 1) the price, 2) the brand, 3) the amount of talk around a certain product, and 4) the packaging. If it is a product that I know I could use daily, then I can justify the price. If it is a product that will only get used from time to time, then the likeliness of my buying it becomes slimmer. I will almost always opt for Sephora or higher end brands over drug store brands when I can, even if the cost is higher. Not every single time, but the quality is usually higher for the higher price point. Next, I sometimes take into consideration how many people I’ve seen mentioning the product in videos or through social media. If everyone is talking about it being amazing, then it’s highly likely that it very well could be amazing. If a product is getting low ratings online, then it’s less likely that I will consider buying it. Lastly, I’m a sucker for great package designs. Sometimes this factor takes over everything and I will make a purchase based off packaging. It’s my weakness.


Q: Who is your inspiration for your personal style and beauty preferences?!

A: My inspiration when it comes to my personal style was slightly touched on in a previous answer, but I haven’t listed any specific people that inspire my fashion choices yet. I find it extremely hard to narrow it down, but if I had to name the first three people that come to the top of my head: Nina Dobrev, for her ability to switch from a comfy casual denim look to absolutely stunning gowns at award shows, Ashley Benson for her edgier rock-inspired style, and Emmy Rossum, because the woman is her own personal stylish and keeps getting it right every single time no matter what she’s wearing (I’m even considering her wardrobe in Shameless as she still looks great in her character’s “not so classy” outfits). I will just add that I’m obsessed with anything designed by Kate Spade. That brand may be overpriced, but I can’t help but love every single item I see!


Lastly, my makeup inspiration. I don’t necessarily have any people that inspire my makeup looks, as everyone looks different and makeup will work in different ways for each and every person. My goal is to do whatever makeup look is able to still make me look like myself, yet is able to highlight the features I want more focus on, which is mainly my eyes. I have been blessed with super light coloured eyes (which is unfortunately accompanied by super high sensitivity to brightness) and I try to bring the focus to them whenever I can. In the end, I inspire myself.


If you have any new questions to ask, feel free to leave a comment below and I may just bring this around again as a new blog series!