Taking A Break (From My Camera)



Sometimes your chosen path will change throughout life, and that path can be from any area of your life. My recent change was when I decided to take charge of my blogging lifestyle rather than my career options to be a photographer. Photography has always been a favourite hobby of mine and sometimes people think I’m talented enough to hire me for a special event! I’m always very humbled by everyone’s kind words and enthusiasm for my photography skills. I’ve never been a master of the camera nor do I have any technical photography training. Everything I know I have just picked up along the way and carry out whatever skills work best for me.


I’ve usually just been reaching out to people I know and asking if they’re interested in “modelling” for me while I work on my craft to see if I can produce any new great shots. I love being proud of some of the photos I have taken over the past few years and aim to create even better photos in future photo shoot opportunities. The chances come very far and few between, but I’ve done some pretty cool shoots over time with some good looking people! So thank you to everyone that has willingly let me photograph you, it’s been much appreciated. Many people have noticed that I did drift away from the camera over the past year, and although I do miss being able to share photos with you all, I know that not aiming to make a photography career happen is for the best.


I have really taken a liking to this whole blogging hobby and I am also getting ready feedback from everyone on the time and effort I’ve put into running this lifestyle blog. Writing has never been my strongest skill, ask my sister to read you the story I wrote when I was nine without laughing – it’s impossible. It takes a different type of creativeness to write than it does to constantly be working with Adobe programs to create images. I’ve enjoyed the ability to explore this creativeness and expand my vocabulary a bit when I get tired of using the same words over and over again. I was initially hoping that I would not drop this blog after all the hard work I put into it, as most things I create get put in the sidelines. I have been working really hard to keep this blog will stay alive, adding content whenever I find the time between sleeping, eating, my semi-social life, and whenever I’m not too busy with my real full-time job.


Although my main focus has switched to writing for my blog, I will pick up my camera still from time to time when the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes I just get a craving to snap some photos and will make it happen whenever that happens. When those times do come, you will be sure to still see evidence in the form of a blog post about the photos with the addition of them on my photography page of this website. I just want to thank you all for your support with my creative endeavors over the years and am happy to continue to take you along this journey with me as I continue to write about things in my life that I find interesting along the way.