Endless Applause for Olan Rogers



The title says it all! As long as I have the ability to clap, I will continue to enjoy and applaud this creator’s hard work. Not just his work, but the amount of drive he possesses, along with his extremely humble and joyous spirit. If you don’t know who Olan Rogers is, please go make yourself familiar with his YouTube channel. Watch videos from his selection of hilarious storytelling videos and amazing special effects work that is only getting better. If you want to shed some emotional tears, watch the Eat A Slice Documentary video. No matter what, you have to appreciate how great of a storyteller Olan is, both through comedy and the many forms of video work he has done over the years.

I was able to attend his screening and meetup at the Buffer Festival in Toronto. It was definitely an evening to remember! The screening revealed some new videos, bringing the audience to tears of laughter and appreciation. The standing ovation was more than deserved and I hope Olan knows how much his fans love and support him through all the hard work and trying times. I cannot stress that enough. It is such a great feeling to hear someone laughing into his own microphone while screening some of his own work for a whole room full of fans, creating a community of laughter together.

The Olan Rogers Meetup

Next to the meetup. I would have waited longer if needed to finally meet and hug this man. My wait was only about an hour long. A month or so ago I had tweeted about giving Olan a massive bear hug when I finally met him. Ge saw it and re-tweeted it to his followers. In my mind, this was an Internet version of an agreement or promise that it was going to happen. He did not let me down! After the initial hug, greeting and normal happy photo, I mentioned the tweet and said for him to do whatever biggest bear hug he thought was possible. He did a quick warm-up and then I scored myself some of my favourite photos I’ve ever had taken with someone I respect and admire this much. The audience remaining in the room cheered as it all happened, as they did every time someone did a new pose with him. It pretty much looks like I’m a little kid hugging Santa, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I was too overjoyed with how that went that I forgot to get my ticket signed. I’m more than happy with these photos as souvenirs from this day.

I just want to give a big thank you to Olan Rogers for adventuring out of the USA to visit Canada. Thank you for giving your fans an evening they will never forget. You deserve all the success and applause imaginable! I hope you finally got to try your poutine and that it was nothing short of amazing. We’ve got your back, always.