Food Review: Delirious Burger Company

food-deliriousburger food-deliriousburger2


Once in a while I get really tempted to try a new restaurant or even just a new menu item from a place I always go to. This weekend I took a trip to Hamilton’s Westdale neighbourhood in search of a delicious burger from Delirious Burger Company. This place could easily be missed due to their logo/sign is only on the front glass window and not some giant advertising outside, but what mattered is what was on the inside! The food.


My sister and I went in to give it a try for the first time and were guided through the menu and ordering process. They have a relatively basic selection of choices, plus a vegetarian option with is a plus, but I think it is one of those “do one awesome thing, rather than a bunch of mediocre things”. We both ordered a burger and decided to share an order of fries. The quick service was much appreciated because I was starving. I took a quick moment to take a photo of my burger before stuffing it in my mouth. It was very delicious and reminded me a lot of my dad’s hamburgers that he makes at home. It tasted very fresh and real like a hamburger should! The fries were cooked to be the perfect amount of crunchiness and just salty enough – which is how I like them. The eating process lasted only a few moments before we had finished the whole meal, taking another break to run out an snap the photo of my sister through the front window.


I am a big fan of this place only after one meal and will definitely be returning in the future whenever I’m hungry and on that side of the city. Check this place out and I’m sure you’ll be leaving with a happy stomach!