Product Review: Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set



After months and months of debating and fighting temptation about buying a brand new brush set, I finally gave into temptation and placed an online order. After having seen the Zoeva brushes mentioned and praised many times through beauty videos (mostly in Zoella’s beauty videos), I was definitely intrigued. The final selling point that got me? They had a rose gold collection, which was just the icing on the cake in this deal. I had to order them from the Zoeva website, which is UK-based, but the shipping didn’t entirely break the bank on this one, nor were there any duty taxes to pay upon delivery. I considered the price of this brush set for a while and comparing it to brush sets that were available at Sephora, it was still a good deal. The delivery came in about a week’s time and I took them out of their packaging immediately to admire them. I was afraid to use them for a couple days because they were so clean, but I finally settled in one morning and gave them all a try. I’m in love with a makeup brush set! I’ve been using these brushes everyday since and am really happy with their quality and how well they apply makeup. I do still have other brushes that I use outside of the 8 brushes that came in this set, but the majority of brushes I use now are all from the Zoeva brush set.


The brushes in this Golden Rose set included: (106) Powder Brush, (102) Silk Finish Brush, (110) Face Shape Brush, (127) Luxe Cheer Cheek, (142) Concealer Buffer Brush, (231) Petit Crease Brush, (227) Soft Definer Brush, and (371) Wing Liner Brush. My favourite two brushes so far are the silk finish brush for foundation application and the concealer brush. Although I have been using the concealer buffer brush for blending in eye shadow primer on my eye lids and below my eyes to help make my concealer last longer throughout the day. I still go to my Beauty Blender to blend in my concealer because it’s a miracle sponge. They are all very high quality brushes and look very luxury, packaging and all. The set came with two bags for the rushes to go in if needed to travel, which is super handy and very classy looking. The brush bristles aren’t coming loose, which is an issue I tend to have with a lot of my other brushes. With these brushes I have started experimenting doing my makeup in slightly different ways because the brushes allow me to do some techniques that may have been trickier to do before. If you’re in the market for a new set of brushes and want something that is both high quality and luxurious looking, I would definitely suggest giving these brushes a look!