Product Review: Aphrodite’s Soap Bars

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A while ago I did a product review for the Aphrodite’s Coffee Scrub, but now I’m back to discuss these soap bars because now I have drifted away from more liquid and gel-like body washes because these products are that good! The lovely Shannon that is behind all these wonderful Aphrodite’s products gifted me the 24 Carrot Gold Formulated Soap Bar back when I was testing out the scrub and had to wait until I finished my body wash before I could switch to the soap. Upon finishing the body wash and tossing it out of my shower, I instantly grabbed the soap bar and well, got clean! The smell is a very calming scent of peaches and ginger. Not too sweet, not to spicy, but a perfect blend of the two.


But before I go on too much about the first soap bar, let me move to the superstar of soap bars: the Monday Morning Formulated Soap Bar. When I saw this on her Etsy listing I knew I would eventually make this soap bar mine. I am a lover of tea tree oil and it has been a staple in my family’s household for years! It really does help aid a lot of things. Take the beneficial powers of tea tree oil and only about half the strength of the smell (this is a good thing) and blend it together with the ever wonderful scent of peppermint. For those non-peppermint people, just stick with me, it’s worth it. One side of the bar has some flakes of lemon grass for extra effect. This soap bar could not have a better name if I tried to think of one myself as it is just what you need in the morning to help wake you up! I recently did purchase a new body wash, or two, but I’m keeping it aside while I use this fresh smelling soap bar in the meantime.


If you live anywhere relatively close to the Burlington/Oakville area and need to get ahead on some Christmas shopping, head on over to the Kerr Street Ministries Christmas Craft Show! Shannon will be selling her Aphrodite’s products there from 10:00am-2:00pm and will have a large selection of brand new seasonal Christmas items! Trust me, you are going to want to get your hands on these items before they sell out because I got a sneak peak at the selection when I helped get a few things ready the other day. For more information on the craft show you can click here, but if you can’t make it to the event or just want to check out the Etsy store you can click here.