Product Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps



Every time I give in and buy nail wrap stickers I eventually end of regretting it because I was born with a lacking ability to apply them successfully. I know, it comes naturally to some people, but in my past experience, it has never been for me. Recently I was asked to give it another go with a the nail wraps from the brand Jamberry. I have only heard very little about the brand before, but since I still had a small craving to master this application challenge, I said yes. It was a little tough for me to choose a pattern because I had been so used to plain nails lately, no accent nails or nail art in the recent months. I went for the Static pattern because I felt it was fairly basic, not shimmery, but still had an interesting look to it. A simple black and white lined nail art would go well for me and give me something to look at if I ever got bored.


Through past experiences with nail wraps, I usually have the issue of finding the wrap size that matches my nails, but I seemed to have a perfect match with almost every nail with this sheet from Jamberry! I cut each nail wrap in half so that I could use only some of the wraps and have plenty left over in case of having to redo one, or all, if I messed up that badly. The instructions were fairly simply to follow, as they usually are, and after heating, applying, trimming all the nail wraps I had a mostly successful attempt at applying all the nail wraps! There is a nail or two that I may want to go in and fix because the base was a little bit too wide for my actual nail, but this is why I have so many extras saved. I thought ahead!


I will go ahead and state that I am no hand model. My ongoing battle with eczema on my hands does not usually allow me to do close up shots on my hands. It wasn’t as bad today so these type of hands photos are rare, but I really wanted to show you how I succeeded with this application! I was warned about the bubble issue and I have very minimal bubbles visible because you really have to look closely to notice them. I did go in the nail clippers to line up the wrap and end of my nails perfectly, and then filed them down ever so slightly to have a softer edge and less of a chance of something getting in and lifting it up. I am really intrigued to see how long these will last. They can stay on for weeks under good care, but if it survives over a week I will be hooked and will split my time between my nail polish collection and Jamberry nail wraps for sure!


When it comes to nail polish my boyfriend has seen everything I’ve painted my nails with for about 2 years now and I sent him a photo and instantly this nail wrap look became his favourite he has ever seen. No lie, he actually said that. Now if it had been bright sparkly pink, his reaction may have not been the same, but because this pattern is very modern looking it got his approval. The pattern selection is incredible, especially for the holiday season coming up so I may have to go pick something out to add a little sparkle to my nails for the month of December.


If you are looking to get your hands on a set of Jamberry nail wraps, click here and feast your eyes on what the online catalog has to offer! There is definitely something for everyone. If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact Kathleen for any help or tips on a perfect application.