Product Review: The Balm Nude’tude Palette



Now I know I did a roundup of my favourite eye shadows and palettes not too long ago and said that I did not need anymore eye shadows outside of that collection, but that has changed. I happened to stumble upon and saw that they had products from The Balm Cosmetics, which was removed from Sephora a while ago. I only bought one item before the brand became harder to find, until now. I ordered a couple items, one of them being the Nude’tude Palette. This eye shadow palette came in two different versions, Nice and Naughty, and I originally thought they had different shade offerings in them, but it is just the packaging that is slightly different. I went for the Naughty version anyways, for more of a pin-up bombshell version of the packaging and then waited by my doorstep Scott Pilgrim style for my package to arrive. Okay, I did not wait at my door, but I thought about it a lot.


The package finally arrived, very quickly I might add, and I couldn’t wait to do my eye makeup the next morning to test out some of the shades. The palette itself is a super slim package and will be super easy to pack on a trip, complete with a double sided application brush as well, just in case. The palette gives a really good variety of nude-toned shades, slightly on the warmer side of the spectrum, with a couple non-nude shades thrown in for more variation. I was hoping for one shade that was very neutral, but it goes from super bright white and a light pink to a medium matte brown shade and shimmery gold, which will just force me to stick to the darker shades and work on my smokey brown eye techniques. Most of the shades have a slight shimmer finish to them, but there are a few matte shades for a less glitzy eye makeup look. The eye shadows went on very smoothly and were very easy to blend, making this palette an instant favourite of mine after just one use! I’m all about the nude eye shadow palettes, and this one is definitely worth it.