Nicole In The Kitchen: Orange Hot Chocolate

food-orangehotchocolate2 food-orangehotchocolate

I’m in the kitchen again! I thought I would do a follow up to the last hot chocolate recipe I posted not to long ago with something that could be considered a little bit more seasonal. With Christmas approaching in a few weeks, all the Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are coming out and it’s one seasonal treat that I absolutely love! I’ve decided to turn this into a beverage which I have named the Orange Hot Chocolate.

For this recipe all you need is the delicious chocolate orange, your milk of choice, hot chocolate or cacao powder, and cinnamon. If you do not have access to the chocolate orange I could recommend you use a regular chocolate bar and some orange zest for the orange flavour. I made this without any exact measurements and went along with what I felt was right.

The first step of this recipe is to pick your milk of choice, lactose-free in my case, and pour it into the mug you’re going to drink until it’s about 3/4 full. Pour that into a cooking pot and as you wait for that to slowly heat up you can get the other ingredients ready. Next you will need to add in two (or more for extra flavour) finely chopped pieces of the chocolate orange. These will melt without a problem once your milk is warm enough. When heated enough, add in your hot chocolate or cacao powder to build on the chocolate flavour. You can put as little or as much as you want to make it as rich as you wish. Lastly, add in a sprinkle of cinnamon to give this drink a little spice to it. This is of course optional, but I thought it would be a nice addition.

Using a whisk is probably your best option for mixing everything together until all dissolved and melted into the drink you’re about to drink. Pour into your mug once it is heated enough to your liking. You can decorate however you wish and enjoy sipping away at your drink!