Product Review: Keurig 2.0 K500 Brewing System

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I’m taking a bit of a different route with the product review today and I won’t be talking about a beauty-related item at all. Introducing the new Keurig 2.0 K500! I know all of you are probably familiar with Keurig machines and what they are capable of, but there’s a chance that not all of you have fully acknowledged yourself about the new Keurig 2.0 range of brewing systems that were recently released.

I was more than lucky enough to be chosen to test out the brand new Keurig 2.0 K500 brewing system, the top level of the new range. Now, I will let you know that I have owned the original Keurig machine since Boxing Day of last year and have been making use out of it almost everyday. I know some of you may be thinking that this is a coffee machine and I have recently mostly switched over to tea, which is something I was concerned about myself. But all worries aside, this machine can also brew hot water in 6oz amounts for all the tea I could ever want. There are some brands that make tea K-Cups and I will definitely be using that a lot once my order of more K-Cups comes in the mail.

Let me talk more about the machine and what is so great about it. The basic knowledge of the Keurig machine is that with the touch of some buttons, inserting a K-cup, and in hardly any time at all you will have yourself a nice hot cup of coffee to enjoy. The new model relies on the same basic methods, but in a more improved way. First of all, all the controls are touch screen. The second new feature is that the technology inside the machine can read the K-Cups to know exactly how much water needs to create the perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced drinks, or specialty drinks. Unfortunately not all K-Cups will work with this new machine, but hopefully as time goes on more and more brands will make K-Cups to work on all Keurig machines. I’ve seen a lot of brands, including Starbucks, that have already made K-Cups that work with the new machine!

The third point to mention, and probably the biggest selling point on this machine, is that it can brew your usual single cups of coffee, but also it can brew a carafe of coffee for several people! That’s right, it is almost like a real coffee maker and pot now that it can brew a suggested 3-4 cups of coffee with the new K-Carafes. There is also a setting in which you can program a time for the machine to start brewing this carafe of coffee if you know exactly when you want it brewed and know you may not be able to start it yourself. I think this comes as a really handy feature for big dinners or to start a morning off right as the smell of coffee fills up the room.

I have heard murmurs of people have a hard time installing the filter attachment if they purchased it, but I personally don’t have that part and tend to only use filtered water to begin with. The water tank can hold a lot more water than the original Keurig I purchased, so that’s always a great thing to know that you won’t have to re-fill your water as often anymore. I’ve run into no “oops” errors so far that people are running into when placing in non-compatible K-Cups. I have already become a fan of this new brewing system and it’s technology! The additional lighting options are always a nice touch as well. Now I just need to wait for my boxes of K-Cups to come in the mail and use my K-Carafes for my family at Christmas time.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.