Arbonne’s Awaken Sea Salt Scrub Gives You Baby Soft Skin


The Awaken Sea Salt Scrub

Winter is a great season if you like dry skin and coldness. I, like most, happen to dislike both of those things very much. At least for the dry skin, I found a solution besides my array of hand creams that can work to smooth out and rehydrate my skin. The Arbonne Awaken Sea Salt Scrub is a treat to use for your skin. It helps bring back its smooth and baby soft stage. This product works its magic on everyone, but take a bit of caution if you have sensitive skin. This product has been used on me for a hand massage before. When I washed my hands after under the tap my hands, I immediately noticed the difference. My skin started to feel as if it had a coating of butter on it (as I started screaming “Butter Hands!” for a minute or two), but I mean that in the best way possible! Following this up with a hand moisturizer keeps all the great skin locked in. You can keep admiring how great your hands feel for plenty of time after using the product. A definitely treat that your hands will thank you for!

The exfoliating action of this sea salt scrub takes away all of the dead surface cells. This helps reveal your brighter and healthier-looking skin. The main ingredients include avocado and sweet almond oils, but it also includes lemon and coriander which really add to the scent of the scrub. As it is an Arbonne product, you can be sure that it is always made with standards such as being cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan, and no ingredients that would be in any way harmful for your skin.

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