January 2015 Empties

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Some of you may have noticed that there was no December empties blog post last month and now I’m skipping straight to January. I know I usually do these posts towards the end of the month, but I thought since I was on my cleaning mission lately I would do this post now since 1) I have just over a month’s worth of empties to share with you, and 2) I just want them in the garbage and gone out of my room. So let’s get straight to the products now!


Batiste XXL Volume Big & Bouncy Dry Shampoo. This is the master of all dry shampoos when it comes to making your hair look less greasy and restoring a lot of volume and texture into your hair. This is one that I’ve been out of for a couple weeks now and haven’t repurchased yet, but I know that I will be returning to this one soon because it was a great help when I needed it the most.


Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo. Another dry shampoo, but with a different set of thoughts. I liked this dry shampoo in the beginning, but not so much for the second half of the can. I was in a pinch once when I ran out of my Batiste dry shampoos and had to suffice with whatever I could find in stores while on a mini vacation last year. I picked this one up on recommendation from the internet ands mostly okay with it. The smell can be a bit much, as most dry shampoos are, but I just didn’t really care for it and forgot I had this product for the longest time. I’ll stick to my favourites from now on.


Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray. This was a product that I picked up at the Estée Lauder warehouse sale because I was really on the lookout for hair thickening products for my really fine hair. I actually really liked this product because my hair seemed to have a bit more thickness to it, but I can’t give all the praise to this product alone. I was using other products at the same time, but if I knew that this one did fully work I would repurchase it again.


Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes. I cannot say enough praise about these makeup removing wipes! They are definitely my favourites of all the ones I’ve tried and it is all because of two main factors: hydration and it actually removes all the makeup. These wipes are very moisturizing for the skin and are a staple for those drier months. It removes all my make-up no problem and doesn’t sting anywhere on my face, not even around my eyes when I do my initial makeup removal. These sometimes go out of stock and not all stores have them, so I was forced to purchase an old favourite recently and it’s just not the same. I do have a package of these waiting now though, and can’t wait to switch them in.


Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. This was a deluxe sample that I got in a duo set with the matching night cream, but I was mostly just interested for this spray. I love the concept of mists and hydrating sprays that can go on before or after makeup and the soft smell of roses is very calming without being overpowering. Mists are great for balancing out the skin and that’s something I’m all for! I’m testing out a few other sprays, but this one was a really good one.


Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Super Fruit Hydra-Moist Concentrate. This is a product I’ve had on my shelf for just over a year now and was finally able to use it all up. These fruity smelling face concentrate was super benefiting for your skin as it combined all of the nutrients from vitamin C and other super fruits that people are always saying help give your skin that healthy boost it needs. This was my first introduction into face concentrates and serums, so I am really glad I started off on the right foot!


The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer. This is the highlighting holy grail for many beauty bloggers and YouTubers out there and I can see why. Although this may not be my holy grail due to to little factors, it is still a really great highlighter and I would recommend it to people that are after that shimmery highlight effect on their face. My two flaws with this product is that I sometimes drop my make-up and this one was easily shattered and made it much harder to use without making a mess overtime I tried to use it. My other highlighter has been dropped once or twice but still remains perfectly intact. The second flaw is that it really is quite shimmery, which is great for some people, but I prefer a subtle shimmer when it comes to highlighting. Still a great product though!


The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. I was all excited about the tea tree line at The Body Shop because tea tree oil is a fantastic product to use on your skin to help clear up any face demons. I jumped for the toner because it was a product I was missing at the time. I enjoyed this toner at first, but eventually realized how much it left my face feeling really irritated. I know tea tree is a strong smelling ingredient, but I don’t like the burning feeling that came with this toner at times. I’ve diluted it even to the point were I was adding bits of this into another toner, but I have found another toner that does the trick for me.


Urban decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. My favourite setting spray – what would I do without it? I ran out of this product right as I was doing my make-up to go out for New Years eve celebrations, but thankfully I noticed this in advance and have purchased a new one earlier in the day. Keeping my make-up on my face and keeping the oil at bay is the two powers that this product has and I love it and will continue to keep using it! I couldn’t recommend it enough.


Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream. I just had one of these tubes in my November favourites and now I have run out of another one, but this has not been only since November. I usually have more than one hand cream on the go at once, and this was just another hand cream I had either in my bag or at work with me. This is my favourite of the hand creams I’ve tried over the past few years and it really helps me in times of need when dealing with my eczema issues on my hands. Avenue always seems to get it right with their hand creams, but this one is just a bonus with its intense relief factor.