Product Review: Luster 2 Minute White Kit

Let’s face it, not everyone has perfectly white teeth. I am one of those people that have fallen victim of not-so-white teeth and wanted to do something about it. I’ve tried the Crest Whitestrips before but it just never seemed to do the trick for me. I’ve been using the toothpaste and frequently the mouthwash from the same product line as the teeth-whitening strips and there haven’t been any noticeable changes. But it has been saving my teeth from getting worse, so I will give it points for that.

I carried on with the same routine until about a week ago when I found the Luster 2 Minute White Kit on the shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard about Luster from someone trying out one of their other teeth whitening products before, but couldn’t locate it anywhere until now. I paid the thirty-ish dollars and decided to give it a try.

luster 2 minute white

I found the application of this product to be a lot easier to deal with than the teeth whitening strips and for that I am thankful. A quick mouth wash rinse out followed by a gel application that takes no more than two minutes to do the upper and lower “smile” teeth (known to be the front 6 teeth of the top and bottom) and you let it do it’s magic for the following 10 minutes.

I never went ahead and started eating or drinking anything right after applying the gel, but I planned around it to make sure that I would be applying the gel and allowing a slot of time before my next meal or sip of a drink.

There were different ways of using this product to get results in as little as two days. The two day results came with up to four applications a day, and that seemed a bit much so I decided to drag it out longer with minimal application each day. I opted for the once a day application because some days I don’t have time in the morning or am too tired before crashing into my bed. I didn’t see myself going to apply this on my lunch break at work, so I stuck with one a day because it was most convenient for my daily routine.

luster 2 minute white kit

I will admit that there was quite the difference between the first day and several days in. I personally noticed that my teeth were getting whiter and I was quite pleased with the results! It’s not some magical science that makes them pearly white as fast as snapping your fingers, but if you’re looking for a white smile and hardly any time commitment to the process, this product should definitely be considered. I am looking forward to trying other products from the Luster range to see what else they have to offer.

Yes, I realize I did not provide any photo evidence of my actual teeth, but for proof, you can head on over to my Instagram page and look through some of my recent photos!