My Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Incredible Things Fragrance

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If you weren’t around when I did my blog post about my favourite scents a while ago, you can read up on my usual rotation of favourite scents here. I wanted to let you all know that my usual rotation of scents is roughly the same. I have added a new scent to the rotation, and this particular scent is on high rotation! The new Taylor Swift Incredible Things fragrance is one that I wanted to buy because I am a fan of T-Swift, but only if I liked the scent of it. I’m very picky about my scents, especially if I’m spraying them on myself. I really had to take a good sniff of this perfume in the store before purchasing it. I did only buy the smaller version of the perfume, but I have grown to like the scent even more since the day I bought it. This scent is probably the best scent that she has released because I could never allow myself to buy any of her other perfumes, simply because my nose did not like what it was smelling. This one was different because of it’s more sophisticated scent. Bonus points for the simple watercolour packaging with the gold cap. No charms, no gimmicks, just a simple package and nice smelling scent.

Breaking Down the Scent

The scent itself is quite the explanation. I describe it as a light and sweet scent. Not too floral, not too sugary sweet, with a bright vanilla scent. Now onto what the scent actually is: “a combination of velvety petals and creamy woods, wrapped in a delicate veil of vanilla and musk. It opens with sparkling accords of pink pepper and grapefruit. The heart of the composition features floral tones of vanilla orchid, wild passion flower and suede flower. White amber, creamy musk, vanilla from Madagascar, and vetiver from Haiti form the base of the perfume.” I let one of the official descriptions do the describing for this scent because it is quite the long one, full of many scents you may have never would have guessed.

I would say that this scent is quite long lasting throughout the day with one or two spritzes on yourself. Longer than some other perfumes I’ve owned in the past anyway. I’ve noticed myself reaching for this one almost on a daily basis and have really been enjoying it so far. Don’t let the association with Taylor Swift fool you. If you aren’t her biggest fan, this perfume is still one of the good ones! She really can make you smell incredible things.