The Holy Grail Of Matte Red Lips


I know I did a whole post before the holidays started about the products I would use for my matte red lip look for the period of Christmas, but days before New Years I made two purchased of long desired products and the whole game has changed. I went to the MAC Cosmetics counter and picked up my new favourite red lipstick products to start the year off with a bang. I wore these two products to ring in the new year and am thrilled as how well it lasted throughout the night. What are these two products you ask? Let me tell you…

The very famous Ruby Woo matte lipstick is my newest addition and already a favourite in my collection. I’ve heard so many people talk about this particular product for quite some time now, and I blame myself for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner. Matte as ever, this lipstick is a perfect shade of red for a bold statement lip. I heard that some people had issues with applying it because it is not exactly the smoothest application, but it is well worth it in my opinion. Applying it did not seem difficult at all to me because I had already lined my lips with the Cherry lip liner, which is a perfect colour match for the lipstick. I lined my lips and then filled them in for extra staying power because I wanted to be able to enjoy to midnight kiss and not worry too much about the mess I would look like by 12:01am.

Drinking a lot of water through the night my lipstick hardly budged. It started rubbing off on my straw eventually, but it took a few hours to show, but no signs of wearing on my lips. I will admit that there may have been a bit of mess shortly after midnight, but I attempted to quickly fix that up in a mirror and all ended well. MAC products don’t sell for cheap, but for the quality you get with these products it is definitely worth the purchase. This has easily become my new favourite lipstick combination and I can’t wait to keep using it throughout the year to come!