Winter Nail Polish Round Up


After about three weeks of keeping my nails rather bare, I decided to jump back into painting my nails because I have missed it oh so much. I thought I would discuss my current favourite winter nail polish shades that I was deciding between before I did my nails. Sometimes my habits change when it comes to nail polish colours, and sometimes they don’t change…

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Spice Age. This is a brand new brand of nail polish to me. I have heard of it before and even had a friend constantly tell me how great these nail polishes are, but I never gave in until I saw this shade randomly browsing the selection and knew I had to finally give in and try it out. I did not get the matching top coat from the range, but I used my quick drying top coat that has kept it from chipping so far! This is what I ended up picking to do my nails with as I had been on a dark chocolate shimmer craze lately. Applying this on my nails almost appears black, but when the light hits it you can see the warmth of the brown and a bit of shimmer. It’s a great alternative for my black and super dark blue polishes that I usually end up picking when I can’t decide on another colour. I’m off to a great start with the range and if it lasts as long as people say then I will definitely look into getting more!

Essie in Style Cartel. Essie, essie, essie. My favourite nail polish brand has definitely been Essie over the past year or so and my collection definitely shows that with the great range of shades that I have. As the seasons change I start to switch up my selection of “go to” shades, so there is definitely a difference between my fall/autumn and spring/summer colour choices. I can’t be bothered to touch my lighter coloured polishes this time of year and if I do I end up regretting it instantly. I go towards the darker colours in the cooler months, which holds true in my selection of the shade Style Cartel. It may come as a surprise since I said my favourite of last year was the even darker blue-black After School Boy Blazer, but this adds a tiny bit more colour into the mix for this post since the first one was already pretty close to black. Who doesn’t love a flash of blue anyways? I love it.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Queen of Hearts. The formula of this nail polish remains in my favourites because of the built in base coat and how long it usually lasts on my nails! I definitely have a few shades to decide between whenever I consider using this brand and I think my favourite to date is the Queen of Hearts. The first time I wore this shade it ende dup lasting at least a full week on my nails and I was super impressed with the colour that I did my nails the same colour again right after. In the sunlight this shade can look quite bright, but naturally inside it looks like a darker red, which is a colour that I have really grown to love over the past several months.