Product Review: Rimmel Provocalips

Introducing the Rimmel London Provocalips! I have been waiting a long time to get my hands and these bad boys – and in no sense do I say “bad boys” in a negative way. These liquid lipstick products were advertised as being a 16 hour wear, kiss proof, transfer proof, high impact endless colour that does not give your lips a tight or drying feeling on them. There is no lie in any of these statements! I have now tested out this lipstick on two separate occasions, once through an evening and another time through the majority of a whole day, and it stays put against all elements… except one, which I will explain shortly. These products were on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for almost half the original price when I bought them, so act fast if you want to catch that deal.


The Provocalips are a two step application product, which has been seen with several other products on the market these days, but usually come at a higher price point at Sephora, but this is a Rimmel London product that is now in Canada (finally) and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. The first step is applying the colour and keeping your lips apart for 60 seconds while the product sets. I did not actually know about the keeping your lips open part for setting purposes, so I will carry on doing that tomorrow when I reach for one of the products. The second step is applying the top coat portion on the other side covering in lip prints, which will lock in the colour, keep the lips moisturized, and add a bit of shine. When I say shine, I don’t mean anything close to a lip gloss level shine, but maybe more of a satin finish.


I have watched videos where people did the kiss proof test and nothing transferred at all from the lips and that was completely impressive to me. It is one thing to be long wearing, but a whole new category to be considered kiss proof and actually pass the test. I have seen the tiniest bit of colour transfer shortly after application, but that probably has something to do with not letting the product set for as long as it recommends or applying too little of the top coat product. But I will say that the firs time I tried out this product I ate dinner and then showered afterwards, came out of the shower and kissed a tissue and nothing came off at all! Everything was perfectly still in place on my lips and I was incredibly impressed. I first purchased the shades I’ll Call You (a natural looking rose-pink shade) and Kiss Me You Fool (a firecracker bold red) and knew I had to get more, returning today to add Kiss Fatal (a medium-dark berry shade) and Play With Fire (a cool-toned darker bold red) to my collection.


The only downside of this product that I had seen so far on the internet was the removal of this product. People have gone to sleep with this product still on their lips because scrubbing away with make-up remover or other tactics did not remove the product. That really goes to show how long lasting it is. I was hesitant about this product after hearing all about that, but I bought the products anyways. I discovered while eating a pita that there is one thing that this product cannot win a battle against, and that is oil. Salad dressings and anything oil-based will start to remove this product, so be careful what you are eating. This does come as a great note for removal though because it will removal much easier with an oil based makeup remover – or straight up vegetable oil that you can grab from your kitchen if you do not own any oil based makeup remover. I did manage to remove it with oil-free makeup remover and it just took a good amount of scrubbing and a good dose of heavily moisturizing lip balm afterwards to get my lips feeling normal again. I am sharing the oil wisdom with you now so that you can go out and buy this product for yourself and enjoy how trouble proof it really is!