Burnt Out: Finished Candles #2

burntoutcandles2b burntoutcandles2c


I have managed to round up a small bundle of candles that I have finished off, so here we go with the second edition of “Burnt Out”, aka an empties blog post dedicated to candles. I know not everyone is a lover of candles, but I know there is a lot of you out there that may have a candle purchasing problem just like me. I do have to admit, every candle in this blog post was definitely loved and enjoyed for every last bit of burning time.


Starting things off, I will feature the biggest candle in the bunch, the Yankee Candle Mocha Nut Latte candle. This is more of a gift than a purchase on my part as my friend was getting rid of some candles she did not want and I claimed this one because I thought it smelt fantastic and was hoping that it would burn and smell just as great. I’m not one for nutty scents, but this was mostly just a combination of coffee and chocolate combining in a mocha like scent, mmmmmm. I am glad this was such a large candle because I do not know if it is a year round candle offering. I will definitely be purchasing this one again if I spot it in stores.


The next candle that was finished, and far too soon, is the Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside candle. I had smelt this candle once before in stores and did not think about purchasing it, but this time around I smelt it and really loved it. I bought it, lit the wick once I got home, and did not regret it! This candle smells of toasted marshmallows and slight vanilla-like blend, adding in a woodsy scent to get the whole fireplace vibe. It was a muskier scent in comparison to some of the sweeter ones I have been burning, but I did like this one a lot and will keep that tin mind for the next winter season to buy another. The downside of this candle is that I noticed it burnt out faster than most other candles, which  I hear some B&BW candles do.


A candle that I was searching for in stores for a while, but could never seem to get my hands on was the Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut candle. I finally found this candle, but only in the mason jar size, but I took it anyways because I heard so many great reviews on it and smelling it for myself in stores was love at first sniff. I burned the candle at home and did not notice much of a scent, but after leaving my room and walking back in shortly after there was a definite cinnamon sugary delight that was to die for. This is a candle that I plan to buy a lot more of in the future as long as they keep selling it.


Lastly, but not least, was the Illume Heirloom Pumpkin candle. This was only a tiny version of the candle, because I bought it on sale as Indigo was switching in their newer candles. It was a light scent, but it often made me hungry when I had this candle burning on my desk beside me as I worked. I am not all that crazy about pumpkin scents and tastes normally, but the scent of this candle just made me feel cozy and warm, which is much needed throughout Canadian winters. I was very happy with discovering a bunch of Illume candles this year, and this one definitely is up there near the top of the list!


I know this was only a four candle empties blog post, but I thought I would get the autumn/winter scents out of the way as we hopefully start welcoming in more spring and summer inspired scents in the coming month! I still have a few lingering cold season inspired scents, they could still make it into the next blog post depending on if I decide to finish burning them or keeping them around until next year.