Highlight With Creamy Formulas

Cream Highlighters

I have expressed my love of certain highlight products before, usually pushing the creamy counterparts of the highlighting world to the bottom of my collection. Out of sight, out of mind. I reached in and grabbed two different creamy highlight products to give them their shining moment in the spotlight. I have been playing with these two products lately in different ways and for different purposes. I have decided to sit down and discuss why each of these two products should be on your list of highlighting products that you should possibly buy next.

A product that I thought I regretted buying after about a week, but regret is nowhere in sight these days! The NARS Illuminator is a multipurpose product that can be used for many different reasons and in quite a few different ways. The best shade of this product for highlighting purposes is the shade Copacabana, which is a glistening pearl shade that is really quite light. The first warning that I need to give with this product is that a little product goes a long way. I learned this the hard way of applying too much and experiencing too much of this product is not a good thing. The first way that I use this product is for an all over face illumination. I add the smallest drop of this product to my foundation on my brush or beauty blender sponge and it adds a very subtle shimmering incandescence to your glowing complexion. The formula is great for reflecting light, so my second main use for this product is as your basic highlight above my cheekbones and very softly applied down the middle of my nose. Again, a little of this product goes  along way, so usually one little drop is good to cover all these spots. I blend it out with a brush and it adds that extra glow to brighten up your complexion. I usually only do one of these at once because I don’t want to do too much highlighting in one look. I am interested in checking out the other shades of the Illuminator products, curious to see what effects that they give off with more pinky shades.

A product that I was on the fence about purchasing for a while is the Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! highlight stick. This is supposed to be a soft focus highlight for your face with a luminous champagne colour payoff. I had a sample size version of this product, or two if I remember correctly, and had been playing around with them for a while and liked the colour of highlight that it put on my face. Anything champagne coloured when it comes to brightening and highlighting has always been great in my mind. I was not used to the stick application of this product yet though, so I purchased it and hardly used it for while because it felt like I was rubbed a glue stick on my face, but no sticky substance coming off of it thankfully. I have come back around to giving it a second chance and have been enjoying it a lot more this time around. I apply this softly in the normal highlighter spots on my face and blend out with my highlight specific brush rather than the dense sponge on the other side of this product. In other instances I will just use my brush and sweep my brush across the product a few times instead of applying directly to my face. This gives a much more softer highlight effect and works really well when I don’t want the effect to be as noticeable. This is a great product for brightening up the eye area and brow bone, so I am glad I am discovering how great this product is finally.

Do you use any cream based highlight products that I should give a try or do you prefer to stick to the powder formulas? Let me know in the comments below!