Product Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

This is a nail polish you need to go out and purchase as soon as possible! Any nail polish obsessed person should already have this in their collection, even if you are late to the party just like me. Long before my obsession with the Essie nail polish began, I first started out my collection mostly with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polishes, because they were good quality and usually cheaper than other brands of nail polish. I even bought a new shade of that range very recently to try it out for old time’s sake… but that’s not what this post is about. This blog post is dedicated to the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish range. If you have been reading my posts about nail polish in the past, you will know that I featured one of the shades of this product in this post here. I thought it was a great colour, but I found it chipping after a couple days. I was told that this is a long wearing, long lasting product and was a bit confused. I know the secret to making this nail polish last a long time now!


First of all, The nail polish range itself is quite incredible. This product claims that it can last for up to fourteen days, is easy to remove, and that no light needed for the gel polish effect that it has. I am not sure about fourteen days, but I am impressed so far! A lot of colours to chose from, both solid and shimmery shades, and I am only at the start of my collection. I currently own 560 Spice Age, a deep warm shimmery brown, and 260 Greyfitti, a solid grey shade (even if my sister argues that it is blue). The key to buying and using this nail polish range is to also own the 100 Top Coat. The top coat is what makes this product last as long as it does. As I mentioned before, when I first had the Spice Age shade, it lasted a couple days and then started to wear and chip. I bought the Greyfitti shade alongside the top coat just to give this product a second chance to see if the top coat really was magical. I can now say that I have been wearing this nail polish for four days and there are no chips or signs of wearing! This is quite amazing for me because I can tend to pick at my nails when nervous or just really bored. You can bet that I tend to purchase more shades from this range because I am completely amazed with how long this products last on my nails. I would definitely recommend this to everyone, but especially the people that have a hard time finding a nail polish that truly stands the long lasting test.